Blue Bombers 'taking it all in' ahead of GC109

Right tackle Jermarcus Hardrick did a little dance, managing to move his 319 pounds in several directions at one time.

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Here are my three keys to determine the outcome of this year's 109th Grey Cup in Regina on November 20/2022.

  1. The team who wins the time of possession.
  2. The team with the most rushing yards.
  3. The team who wins the turnover battle.

One other key element for myself is "Will the Toronto Argonauts keep Janarion Grant in check throughout the entire game on special teams. :question: I enclose 4 photos of game breakers who will greatly influence the Grey Cup classic. :bangbang:

Once again May the best team win. :100: :football: :canada:

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I hope Winnipeg wins as well. :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately the best team doesn’t always win any given game.