Blue Bombers statement on rec Kenny Lawler

Seems the Bombers tend to have yearly substance abuse problems on their team.

He hasn't been banned, suspended for 1 game by the bombers. I haven't seen anything from the league office. If he is convicted, different story.

Keep in mind alcohol like cannabis are legal, both have rules and laws associated with them.

For the most part we're allowed to use & enjoy both within controlled environments.

Both can be addictive.
Both can alter logical decision making.

We have penalties for those who miss use them.

Our society is riddled with invitations and opportunities to indulge and can lead to abuse.

Business and government make a terrific amount of money off the products.

In this situation WPS did their job. With that comes temporary loss of license, fines, S A programs, loss income, public humiliation, personal embarrassment, likely cost of a lawyer.

The legal system will impose more fines, a defined length loss of license, attend AFM course, increase costs for license and insurance, possible incarceration.

WFC issued a 1 game suspension (loss of income)

CFL will likely add to the suspension (loss of income)

Both WFC & CFL will/should treat all players/personal equally.

I personally support all above, I've gone through a DWI charge many years ago, I strongly advocate for both punishment and the opportunity to change.

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I'd love to see an athlete say "I'm not sorry and I'll do it again!" and then just walk out.


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Well it would aptly demonstrate that he's an iconoclast and cares not a whit about public approbation. There's probably less personally destructive ways of doing so though.

What I'd most like to see is a fellow who's been censured by a team or a league for politically incorrect comments say "Screw you! I quit." and then very publicly filing suit against team, league, whoever for both seeking to limit his freedom of speech and for acting in a way to monopolize the sport, e.g. the NHL opposing the awarding of the Stanley Cup to the best amateur team in Canada during the strike season of 2004-05 as if the Cup is the NHL's own trophy, the NHL and MLB owning minor league teams and in effect controlling the minor leagues so that they're nothing but a farm system for their major leagues, etc.


The big leagues actually have a Congressional exemption from anti-trust laws in the States and of course would hate to see this re-opened as an issue in the press. The last thing the big leagues want is the negative publicity they'd garner having to defend these positions in court. Even if they won, they'd look very bad in the eyes of public opinion.


I'm still waiting for a player to say "I'd like to thank God for making the other guy lose!"

Sounds like something Trudeau would say under his breath every time he publicly says he's sorry for getting caught doing something stupid .

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Lawler was effectively fined by the Bombers for about $8,000. If found guilty he'll be fined more by the legal system. Plus legal fees and the exaggerated finger wagging by those hypocrites who have driven while impaired but never caught. Not to mention the loss of his DL for a lengthy period.

Anybody over 40 who drinks has driven impaired for the most part.

I'd say this is MORE than enough punishment.