Blue Bombers signing KHARI JONES

I have gotten word from high sources that the Blue Bombers spoke with Khari Jones directly last week, and discussed joining the team as co QB/qb coach.

Part of the option year deal which would help the Bombers if there is a expansion draft.


Khari Jones has been working with CBC but was not apart of the CBC broadcast.

Speculations that he has picked up practice speed, as he has been working out since June.

Reports in Calgary that he has been practicing with Henry Burris, and the receivers for 30 minutes/day in July.

The past 2 weeks he has been increasing his practice times, and has been dealing with the contracts himself.

More details to follow

No they're going to sign Bryan Randall. Um... I meant to say... Baloney!

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"High sources" eh McMahon? Sounds like you were taking a toke of the hooch yourself McMahon

as Ron White would say about his ex wife's cooking.