Blue Bombers sign Pac Man Jones

Love the way people prejudge someone with the ever-so exact "if no team in the NFL would sign him then no way". I'm sure every team has been told by the NFL commish to not sign him, makes the league look bad even though some teams would like to. The NFL is about image far too much, I don't want the commish of the CFL making such remarks to the individual teams. He is not under suspension by the NFL, period.

Not saying I know Goodell said this, just thinking that he did to uphold the NFL image as squeaky clean, which it isn't of course anyways.

8) No, his first name is ADAM !!
  TSN, and other media are now reporting it is an official signing  !!!

  One year contract, and he is expected to join the Bombers tomorrow  (Wednesday).
8) Good One !!!! :lol:

We have some serious problems in this country… I would like to see one of us trying to enter the US with a record like that…

8) Just shows you how much these teams lie about potential, or certain player signings !!
 Just this morning the Bombers Media guy denies that they have signed "Pac Man", and now this 

 afternoon, the signing is made official  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 Rule of thumb.......Whenever a team denies something, they are usually lying about it  !!!

 I don't know how many times I have seen this same thing happen over the years  !!

 You eventually learn that whatever a team says regarding a rumour, just believe the complete opposide, and you will be right in the end  !!!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

What would happen if they came out and stated they were about to lie about something?

You CAN'T enter Canada with a criminal record, so I assume he wasn't charged with anything or the story is not true.

This is Canada there is always a loop hole if you know who to grease, have money and want to pay a lawyer


Finally, when rehabilitation is not (or not yet) available, the traveler may apply for a temporary resident permit (TRP) to allow entries into Canada until he/she becomes eligible. A TRP could also be sought when urgent entry is required for serious business or compassionate reasons while an application for rehabilitation is in process.

Granting a TRP is a very discretionary and subjective decision. The officer will assess whether sufficient pressing and compelling reasons for entry do exist and will put them in balance with the potential risk posed by the applicant to Canadian security and safety. Again, the nature, number, and age of the convictions as well as the applicant’s behavior since then will be key factors in assessing the risk.

TRPs can be issued for a single entry for a few days or for multiple entries during periods of several months and up to a year based on the justification of the need for repeated admissions during a specific period.


Bombers director of player personnel John Murphy told "And at the same time it's a business decision as well as football decision. From a marketing standpoint, a business standpoint and a football standpoint, I could go to 100 NFL training camps and every pre-season game and more people will hear and know about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the next two weeks -- from the coverage we'll receive -- than in the last 10 years."
Negative/positive attention, the Bombers don't care as long as it's attention. (Desparate?) Move over Toronto, there's another employer of NFL bad boys. I watched Jones on Pros Vs. Joes last spring. Even then he got into a shoving and yelling match with one of the Joes. But of course, using "RIcky WIlliams" logic, Jones could be a complete bust up here and then sign with an NFL team again just like Ricky did with MIami, where he still plays.

People have to remember, it's not about the league here, it's about winning the Grey Cup championship, this isn't tiddly winks, it's a very prestigious trophy that goes back to 1909 and the team that wins IS THE champs of all of Canada for the Canadian game. If Pacman helps you in your opinion, you sign the guy, you get the best guys you can under the rules of the league. Remember George Allen of the Redskins, he took problem players a lot and they didn't do too bad under his helm if memory serves me correctly. If the Blue and Gold can get him into Canada legally, kudos on them if they think he'll make them better, this is pro sports, you do what you think you have to do at basically just about all costs TO WIN.

It's not a matter if it's a stepping stone to the NFL or whatever, of course that's every players football dream because it's where the money is but the CFL is where guys play for the pride of winning the Grey Cup or showcasing their talents, again pride, to make the NFL. Dream = NFL (dream is more a monetary thing nowadays IMHO), Pride = CFL to win a great historic trophy, showcase talent to get to NFL showing you have pride to play in a "lower" foreign league (and still some money of course).

And is the NFL the ethical standard maker? No, not at all, I bet Goodell contacted all the teams in the NFL and said don't sign Pacman, he hurts our image. Cohon I hope would not do that but rather let the teams make their decision, the CFL isn't as image-conscious as the NFL, thank goodness, teams have more leeway and here in Canada we aren't as quick to judge someone as totally "bad news". Pacman is no saint and I don't condone his actions, but he's not under suspension from the NFL and is available. Good on the blue and gold to sign him if they think they can help them get to the Grey Cup championship. It's about winning as they say, Vince Lombardi - WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING, IT'S THE ONLY THING.

8) In that case, they would be telling the real truth, and I would believe them, without a doubt !! :wink:


You guy's wish you had Pac man.... Jealous...Obviously........

Pac Man is comin to eat ya.....

Welcome to Winnipeg Pac Man, our arms and clubs are open......

Funny how if you guy's signed him you guy's would be so pumped.....

But your rival has gotten better, and were only 2 points behind....

Objects in rear view mirror are closer than they appear.....

Game Over.

You guys seem to forget that you guys still don't have an offense. Your defense is good at best and your offense sucks. Ticats are good on both sides of the ball. Also, don't expect Fred Reid to carry your offense to the GC, the Ticat's tried running 90% of the time and owned at it for 3 games. After that we stunk out of the water.

I thought the league would not accept players who were suspended

Read Wikipedia on this guy.

[url=] ... n_football[/url])

I guess he is a good football player and like Michael Vick deserves a second chance but not sure I would bring him in.

He's not currently suspended. His last suspension ended last December. So that doesn't apply.

He'll be Bring in the Bucks to Strip Club Near You

and thats as close as you'll ever get.

Your talking about a guy who has yet to do a thing as a pro