Blue Bombers sign Pac Man Jones

Remember this is a guy who isn't big and tailored necessarily to NFL style football, he's quick and on the smaller side, perfect for CFL style football. He could be a big addition to make the Bombers true Grey Cup contenders, well ok, that's a stretch maybe but he should make them better if his head is on straight.

He must've not liked Bart Andrus too much in Tennessee! I'm thinkin' if he was looking to get back to the NFL through our league he would've phoned his old OC first! No?

Maybe he did. Maybe Bart doesn't like him! Weird.

Methinks Yorkville would be more to PacMan's liking than Portage and Main!

Deareast Winnipeg Police,

Git your nightsticks polished up! This should be good!

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Each team is going to have a few abraisive trolls but in general the CFL is a close community. I don't wish any team ill will as we need each team to be sucessful. What's going on in mosquitoe land this year is embarrasing for the league and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

I am big on second, even third chances ... Pacman is a stretch however, he has had tons of opportunities to get it right, yet never shown any kind of desire to walk the walk. Plus when he was re-instated by the NFL last time he came back and wasn't effective on the field.

I would like to see him get it together, because he is a great talent when he plays at his best .. Hopefully some time in the GWN will help turn him around.

Same people that are applauding this are probably the same people that mocked the signing of Keith, Williams, Andre Rison, Onterrio Smith.....

Things are so harum-scarum in Bummer land fans are grasping at anything that could be positive.

if you were an avergage person with that list of charges you wouldnet be able to cross the border, hell just the possesion charge would keep someone from entering the US, not the i agree with these rules how are they different for Pacman Jones?

WOW!! How many chances does one person deserve?
He should be in jail or rehab,personally I would like to see him in jail because he has a history of violence against women.

I forgot about Onterrio Smith - He was great in college, how did he turn out in the CFL ??

I don't think anyone has forgotten he is talented. He may very well be suited for CFL football... physically. However, his character isn't suited to the CFL at all, not if we want it to be a league with integrity.

Based on the evidence of his record, Jones is a creep who seems to have a recurring penchant for violence against women. How likely is it that a person with a lengthy, consistent record like his suddenly has "his head on straight"? Second chances yes, but he seems to have had more like a dozen, and has failed to correct his behaviour every time.

If taking on repeat violent criminals is what it takes to become a winner, and if doing that at any cost is deemed more important than maintaining anything resembling decent values, then the Bombers in this case and the CFL generally need to reconsider their priorities.

I don't care if Jones is the second coming of Jerry Rice as a player, I don't want anyone like that in our league; it's embarrassing.

8) Onterrio Smith was a complete bust with the Bombers !!!
 He showed up to training camp with an injured ankle, missed the first pre-season game, then in the final pre-season game rushed for something like 8 yds. and i fumble  !!!

 The Bombers released him on the final cutdown day   !!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   (2006)

I'm tired of these Thugs coming up to the CFL. There is always one desperate team willing to take them on, usually the Argos.

Go back to the States.

8) Someone the Bombers Forum has the link from, Sports cnn, that says he has
 signed a 1 year deal with Winnipeg and could be in Bomber camp by Wednesday  !!!

 There is still no official press release from the Bombers, or from the CFL yet  !!!

 Apparently he agreed to the 1 year deal last night.  It sure sounds like it is official, for now anyway !!

I wonder if the CFL knew about this,do they need to approve it before it can happen?Maybe thats why it is taking so long for a press release.

i'm really suprised this is not a move by the Argos. Honestly, he could pretty effective, the previous poster talking about his smaller size and quick/athletic-finnese style over the bulkier/strong arm style in the NFL I think really got it right. I've rarely (perhaps never?) seen a NFL team give a chance to a "troubled(Knucklehead) player" after they do not workout with Dallas. I always understood with the vast amount of reaching out and accomidating they do for these guys in their family-style enviroment, its understood if you cannot make it in Dallas , you cannot make it in the NFL.

Okay, is his first name really Pacman?

Winnipeg doesn't seem to know whether they've even signed this guy.

Could be worse: Asteroids, Missile Commander, Pong (or maybe in his case...Bong).

If he does have a criminal record he wouldn't be allowed into Canada to work or as a tourist.

Maybe he'll claim refugee status.