Blue Bombers should fold tent

Winnipeg Blue Bombers should pack it in and retire the team before they embarrass this once proud franchise any further. If they don’t they will not have players that will want to play there. Nobody wants to be part of a laughing stalk. IE: Ottawa, Hamilton a couple of years ago. When Asper completes the New stadium in a year or two and takes control of the team then they could start up again. Sask. can go to the East until then and provide a little more competition there.

Ah, suicide, the cowards way out…

That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. :roll:

You may be a quitter, but Winnipeggers and true football fans are not quitters. They have had 1 bad year, Hamilton had 5 in a row, did you call for them to fold after 1 bad year ???????? :roll: The Bombers hosted a playoff game last year ,made the Greycup in 07 and had a solid 06 year. So your soulution is every time a team has a bad year , they should fold ? :roll: Ottawa tried your idiotic idea and they folded again and are having all kinds of trouble getting their team off the ground again.

I know this post is done tongue and cheek, but its not far from the truth.
Winnipeg is not only a bad team, they''re a boring team to watch.
And your coach seems to be in denial. He actually though Stefan Lefors could be a starting QB??
And whenever Micheal Bishop reappears from exile to become your starting QB,
you know your team has officially "jumped the shark"

John Hufnagel said Lefors would be a good starting QB in this league as well.! Lafors played through injuries since game 3 or 4 of the season. When he was healthy he lost to Edm by 3 and destroyed the Stampeders in winnipeg stadium. The book is still out on Lefors. Nobody knows for sure if he is bust or not.

There is some truth to your comments. However it goes further than that. Many Bomber fans are not real fans. They are fans of Kelly. This mentality has it’s roots to many former wrestling fans. Wrestling used to be a big weekly event in Winnipeg. Not any more. These former fans are now Bomber fans and enjoy the circus type atmosphere. They love Kelly and Bauer even if they are buffoons. They love to hear Kelly and Bauer trash talk, and crap on the fans. The bigger the circus the better they feel. The real fans are fed up. Many of us will be staying home. The message to the board is. Get rid of all this garbage, including the wrestling types sitting in the stands. ( Cheap Section ). It will take years to clean up the mess.

....FOLD OUR lol.....and what ...steal away into the night....just because a few things need changing NEVER QUIT...what the hell are you talking about :lol: :lol:

He's saying Hamilton should have folded two years ago because obviously there was no chance they'd have close to a winning record ever again..... :roll:

If anything it's time to clean house and let new blood play but no team should ever fold due to poor play lol - Over the course of the last 20 years that pretty much sums up each and every team at least once lol.

Edited - very poor taste

This has got to be one of the dumbest posts I have ever read :roll: And housedog, what the hell are you talking about?!? I seriously doubt there are fans in Winnipeg who are loving the circus atmosphere in the bomber organization. We all hate what's happening to this team. Some of us did give Kelly the benefit of the doubt but only because we truly hoped he could somehow turn this thing around. Obviously that is not the case and the sooner he is gone the better but to suggest that some fans are happy with what is going on is absolutely ridiculous :roll:

I will tell you what I am talking about. I have heard many fans who think that Kelly is doing a good job. The circus is being enjoyed by many a fan. So don't be going around and saying that.

Yes I agree, in fact, the Bombers should have folded last year after their 3 - 8 start..............never mind.

Hey, I agree there were plenty of fans that were defending him early on - even up to a few weeks ago. But I think most people are now pretty disgusted with what's happening to their team. Saying that there are Bomber "fans" who are enjoying watching this is pretty silly. And I'm saying Bomber fans not people that were never truly fans to begin with.

And there is still a massive difference between saying you support the coach vs saying you are enjoying the "circus" that this team has become.

But if you fold the tent, where would the circus that is the Mike Kelly show go? :rockin:

LeFors got blamed for what is Mike Kelly's mess. He completely broke the offense, and pinned it on his QB. The fact that the Bombers have had 9 QBs on the roster this year and NONE of them have been able to make this work should prove that LeFors didn't get a fair evaluation.

Put him on a team with an offense that isn't completely terrible and we'll know how good he is. Right now all we know is that he's not capable of calling in Divine Intervention. :stuck_out_tongue: