Blue Bombers Re-Sign Hefney

This is a real bummer I thought for sure he was going to walk away from Winnipeg.. So I guess Dwight Anderson is our main target come 12:01 tonight.. Disappointed but here is the link..

Perry Lefko ( Yea, I know ) is reporting that we re-signed tisdale for $105,000. Better than the $120,000 that Hefney cost the bombers.

Word is Hefney re-signed for 120. He's got game but for a player that's barely played a year and a half that's nuts. Congrats to Hefney's agent- Bummers really blinked here.

I actually laughed out loud at the "(Yea, I know)".. But in all seriousness, I would rather read a report of Tisdale re-signing, than a report of Tisdale becoming a free agent.

Lets just hope Mr. Leftko is correct for once in his life.. LOL