Blue Bombers punter receives second NFL offer

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Two teams, two offers.

Not a bad success rate for punter Jon Ryan.

"Right now I'd say it's going better than planned," Ryan said. "To work out for two teams and get two offers is pretty good."

Ryan, who made a huge impression in the Canadian Football League in two seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, worked out for the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals yesterday.

And, as was the case with the Green Bay Packers earlier this week, the Bengals were immediately prepared to make the Regina native an offer.


"They are interested and they are going to put an offer on the table on Monday," Ryan said via cellphone from Cincinnati.

"They are a little concerned about the ankle that I hurt back in October, so they took an X-ray and an MRI. They just want to make sure it's nothing major. It's not bothering me at all."

Ryan, who received an offer that included a $10,000 signing bonus from the Packers, has no more workouts scheduled, although he says some other teams, including the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, have expressed interest.

The 6-foot, 220-pound Ryan can't say if he's leaning toward signing with a particular team until he sees the official offer from the Bengals. However, he was impressed with the situation in Green Bay, where management told him the position is going to be wide open next year.

Ryan, 25, set a single-season CFL record for punting average (50.6 yards) last season with the Bombers.

If Ryan doesn't sign in the NFL, he will become a CFL free agent in mid-February. He remains Bomber property until that time.

The Bombers have a lucrative offer on the table for Ryan.

Even though he is likely to sign somewhere south of the border, Ryan said it won't guarantee him so much as a training camp invitation.

"Not necessarily," he said. "It should get me to a (spring) mini-camp, though."

Unless the signing bonus is at least $50,000+ he would be smarter to return back in the CFL and possibly the Peg. I read they are offering a whopping $150,000 which would no doubt or should include a sizeable bonus $50,000. W/O same it is the usual political nonsense game playe din the No Fun League, being training camp fodder. If cut, he will potentially lose more money.

.........$150K for a punter!!.........that's nuts.....and defeatist........spending that much money on the guy thats gonna get you out of trouble on third down.......if I was a manager (Taman) I would try to concentrate on not having so many third downs........good for Jon if he gets that much.........limits what the BBs can do in the free market pool...........

Do the Benegals have the money? RW makes a good point that w/o Ryan, the BBs can save money for players to make the TDs, but Ryan is still a god, and his kicking career has a better chance with the BB. But then again, you don't want your best player to be your punter. Maybe it's better if Ryan goes then, the BBs can get better players and be GC champisions with out. Westwodd isn't a bad K/P, and he still kicks butt!

$150,000 is big money for a punter who doesn't even handle field goals. Unless he is almost guaranteed to play on the active roster down south I say return to the CFL. If he continues to shine up here the offers in the NFL will still come and be even better.

Guys, I am not so sure that the BB can afford to lose Ryan. I remember many games last year with their bad team Ryan as a punter was the only positive. Many times booting the other team out of scoring range and especially in the Peg with the crazy shifting winds. Without Ryan that is yet another big hole left and likely inability to fill. Especially with the Grey Cup year ahead.

hes good punter but really why that much money on a punter!? we need 2 spend money on players that put points on the board

Taman u made ur last mistake

You know BBfan12, Tamon hasn't made his last mistake, could be plenty more..Hopefully not..
But he has made great decisions also, made some pretty good trades and made some bad ones...
This years team is starting out to be different from last year...he's actually making the team better..
I agree, Ryans contract would be to steep, in CFL pay standards...
Come November, the winds are cold and strong in the Peg, Ryan would be my first choice to boot the ball..

well, ryan does do that, but I see we need boys to put 7 points on the board instead of 1 points.

From what I understand, the Packers is the best bet since the job is open. The punter they had is not returning, so he's the man if he wants it whereas in Bengals land he still has to beat out the number one guy. I think Ryan will be gone no matter what CFL team puts an offer on the table....and I say ....good for John Ryan. I hope he goes for it.