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A lot of people probably thought that if Maas and Fajardo couldn’t get it done in SSK they wouldn’t get it done in MTL either. Look at how that turned out.

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Schoen and Demski seemed to be a bit beat up too.

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Not taking anything away from Cody’s performance last night, but the QB gets too much praise when things go well and too much blame when things go badly. One guy is not going to turn a team into a contender unless you have the right supporting cast.


No argument there.

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Hindsight is 20/20 and yes it can now be said that Montreal was the best team in the league since September, but that was hardly the case before yesterday.

They were dominated by Winnipeg in two previous games to the extent that they didn’t even score an offensive touchdown. That is also why Winnipeg was and had to be favoured by oddsmakers pre game. That is how it works.

No question that Montreal is the best team this year by a hair and deserved to win yesterday but in this case the victors don’t get to rewrite history.

Hmm. Not sure about this.

The losses to Winnipeg were bad losses, yes, no question. However, the first loss was in Week 4, and while our offence was brutal, we held you to 17 points (and this was prior to Lemon and Sankey joining the team). The second loss (Aug. 24) was a real blowout despite us getting pick-sixes on Collaros.

That said, both the losses to the Bombers came before Montreal went on its winning streak. I would argue that yes, Montreal was the best team in the league from late September on, and that was true even before yesterday.

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Well in Cody’s case he got plenty of blame… like really, really plenty.

I’m just saying that couldn’t be said before yesterday and the oddsmakers know it. There was no evidence of it and many (not I) even thought the win over the Argos was a fluke. Winning a game they could just as easily have lost in the last seconds by a razor thin margin doesn’t rewrite the reality of history is all I am saying.

They are fully deserving of being called the best team in the league today but that doesn’t change the facts as they were before yesterday’s game.

But … they had won their final six games of the regular season. Literally they went undefeated from late September on.

I am not saying they shouldn’t have been underdogs against both Toronto and Winnipeg. Just saying that when a team goes 6-0 to end the regular season, they literally are the best team in the league because they have the best record in that stretch. No one else went 6-0 to close out the season. So there was plenty of evidence to suggest they were the hot team.

Definitely agree that they were underdogs in the EDF and the Grey Cup. I never thought we’d get here!


Every game has a favorite and an underdog. The issue here is that the media could not get out of the narrative they had created. Typical confirmation bias and dishonest media. That narrative was to boost themselves with the oversized Saskatchewan market more than anything else. Now they have nowhere to hide

Why are the Blue Bombers the only team that consistently does not post a depth chart on their website, and if they do, it’s usually an hour or two before the game starts? I thought, maybe incorrectly, that the league had a rule on the deadline for posting depth charts, or rosters in any case? In the new world of online betting, that the NFL opposed to strongly and then did a complete 180 because they wanted some of that money too, the CFL can’t afford to allow these things to occur. At the very least, have every team comply with a standard and make them stick to it. Otherwise, the league appears to be poorly managed, with no strong central voice. Do you think in the ultra-competitive NFL, that a team wouldn’t keep their depth charts / roster secret for as long as they could if they weren’t afraid of the consequences?


I haven’t really tried to find other teams depth charts, but I can tell you I have never had a problem finding WPG’s. Maybe you need to do a better job looking?

Dear LetsGoBlue, Given your user name, I’m assuming you’re a Bombers fan and familiar with the “ins and outs” of your team’s website. I can tell you that I can easily find every other team’s depth charts, always posted 1 day prior to the game. I go to the same Bombers webpage (where their depth charts are supposed to be posted!) every time and sometimes the depth chart is there and sometimes it isn’t. If what you say is true, it seems to me that the depth charts are being posted on another site, or sporadically among a few different pages. At best this is the sign of a poorly managed business, at worst it’s done intentionally. Either way, the organization should be looking at this from the fan’s point of view. The days of “you’re just lucky to have a team” are gone. If the fan can’t find what they’re looking for, the business should try to enhance their accessibility. If you went to Walmart and said to an associate “I can’t find the item I’m looking for, it’s not in the usual spot”, would you be ok with the employee telling you “try harder”?
I don’t think so. I’m sorry, but “trying harder” doesn’t cut it. Please find a better solution.

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In a big country …

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Now I know how my wife feels when I can’t find the remote and I blame everyone else in the house, meanwhile its in my chair.


Ah well, there you go, I think he’s on point.

I have my own housecleaning to do in this off-season, including getting rid of some of that junk that somehow accumulates.

Don’t ever wait for spring cleaning folks. There’s plenty of time indoors in the winter.


I agree. 15 interceptions on the season was very unlike him. I think that was part of his huge disappointment following the game.

From post game reactions - I suspect the Winnipeg squad know this is the end of the road for the team as is and that a lot of changes are coming in the off season.


Although strictly observational - I think there’s much merit in these observations.
Zach looked like a lost shepherd in many games this season.
Bigger problem was Coach O’Shea being far too loyal to his hi-paid starter. O’Shea is smart enough to know that a change of pace in QBs is usually called for when a starter starts to show he’s going nowhere.
Bud Grant would have done that, no matter his loyalty to his great QB Ken Ploen; Grant had Hal Ledyard & Dick Thornton at his disposal.

Would Zach have raged if he was pulled? You bet! But if the Bombers had held on for the W, Zach’s brooding would have been short-lived . . . . . he’d celebrate the W with the other players and continue onto next season.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t think Collaros should have been pulled. Has his game degraded? Maybe? I can’t say. It’s possible. It’s also possible that teams are putting in a lot of work to figure out how to stop him. Because he is the best. And even Collaros’s degraded game is better than just about anyone else in the league. He still led his team to 24 points and three touchdown drives. His team was leading with a minute left. If the Bomber D holds, no one is talking about Collaros’s “decline” IMO.


True story.