Blue Bombers net profit for 2019 - Report

Blue Bombers announced their profits for 2019 and it was close to $4 million.... Which is a bit strange cause they have been making profits for a while and you would think it would have been more with breaking record merchandise sales for 4 months and possibly still going strong........

Blue Bombers must have added a nice expense to the list that has not been disclosed cause it just doesn't make any sense the profits are only around $4 million.

$600k expense to keep Als afloat.
Stadium payments.

Great to see teams in the CFL making a profit, whatever it is.

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Yes. 4 Mill is impressive. Well done BBs

Actually it was $3.5M Operating profit and an overall of $588,000 . It's actually $588,000 after tax profit
Their Operating Expenses like many teams are around $26 MILLION and Revenue is $30 MILLION then
That will disappear fast if they are still paying their players/coaches etc and no revenue from games.

"The Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders NFL preseason game last summer also helped boost the Bombers’ stadium management revenue line by $890,000"

The NFL exhibition was poorly attended. Really poorly. And played on a precarious 90 yd field to boot.
Fortunately, Miller's Bombers didn't buy the rights to the game. An outside roller took the fall (and it was a big one) on this NFL farce. Very shrewd if Miller was able to coax nearly a million from a deadbeat exhibition match.

What nefarious conspiracy do you believe the WBBs are up to?How much should their profit be?