Blue Bombers-Lions

This one could be a real slugfest, the play of the Bomber DLine and secondary will determine the outcome of this one. With Bombers' offense sputtering they will need big plays, and often, from the defense to win this one. 37-34 Bombers.


Agree, we'll need our Dline in top form, and we'll need to force more than a couple turnovers. Make the kid run for his life and hurry his throws.
Buck, no more throws to the flats for 1 yard please, but I did like the sweeps to McCrae & Grant.

Let’s hope for a good game. Might be a sellout as tickets are moving pretty fast.


Best story of the year so far is the re'emrgence of BC, and the fans coming back.


There are tickets still available but you may have to take what they give you as a lot of sections are down to a pocket here or there.

Agreed, the throws to the flats have never been better than a 50% success rate, and to practically lobbing it out there doesn't help either. I'm on my own for this game, so is there a 'Bomber' section at bc place?

I'm sure the locals you ask at the game will direct you to the first Restroom on the left.

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Game over and we should wonder where the hype is. A blind and deaf man remarked that BC got a beating but CFL was not listening or watching

Not bad! :smiley:

You were right about the Bomber DLine and secondary having a lot to do with the outcome of the game. You were also close on your prediction that we'd score 37 points. And you nailed it when you said we'd win.

(the rest we'll just sweep under the rug) :partying_face:


So. .what was the final score...I lost count