Blue Bombers last minute TD 6 years ago!

It wasn't Stegall, but it was close. It was with about 1 minute to go, and it was Nigel Williams who caught it and split 2 defenders and ran about the same distance.

I think it was against Montreal. If not then it was Toronto, and who threw it? I have no idea but i'm guessing it was either Kerwin Bell, Reggie Slack, Kevin Mason, or T.J. Rubley(no not him he never made it through the season)

i think i remember this.
don't remember the receiver, but i'm pretty sure kerwin bell was teh QB and it was against toronto.

You are right, it was Kerwin Bell and it was against Toronto. I believe it was 94 yards, to give us a 18-13 win, and there were about 30 seconds left after the play. I was at the game, and it was an amazing finish. I believe it was in 1999, and it kept our playoff hopes alive.

The funniest thing about it was the pass was going to miss Nigel, but one of the Toronto defenders tipped the ball, and tipped it right into his hands, and he never broke stride.

Hey! I remember this. It was the first Bomber game I'd ever been too. And the way I remember it is that the reciever was no where near the ball and then had it tipped to him from a pretty far distance.

I remember watching a game about 20 years ago. can't remember who WPG was playing, but there were only seconds left in the game, and WPG had the ball on their 10. The announcers were already updating the standings with the Bombers losing when Willard Reeves busted through the defense and rumbled all the way down to score the winning TD. This play stood out so much because my dad called it :thup:

About 5 or 6 years ago, I remember the Als lead the Bombers by 13 with about 90 seconds to go in a game at CanadInns, and the birds ended up losing by 1.

I was shocked for about two days.

...Bombers seem to have the uncanny ability to pull off wins....which look like sure defeats....if you don;t play this club to the final can get burned...I.m sure other clubs have come back from what looked like sure defeat and get the 2 points.... but it just seems the Bombers can pull things off when it looks impossible....example....a lot of years ago...the infamous 'fog' bowl....and 'mud bowl'...they seem to thrive on adversity...when it looks like 'game over'....the attitude is...;not till the fat lady sings'... :wink: we sure have had our fair share of miracle finishes... :thup:

So stop complaining that we’re running up the score, when we’re in fact just so afraid to see you pull out that special never seen before 30-points play.

....i ..for one, was not claiming the ALS. ran the score on us last game...heh if it comes down to the final games and it means a playoff...and the points come into play.....go for it....that's why Berry said in the next meeting with the ALS. he intends to do the same thing....(and what do you mean , third ,that's easier said than done).... :lol: :lol: :lol:

well, getting the BOMBshell dropped on ya will do that to ya.