Blue Bombers Jerseys, a revelation

Hey, No Problem R&W, WE WERE THAT BAD! God I’m glad Braley brought in Ackles and Buono.

Remember the Pez marrying an 18 year old at Centre Field at halftime. Makes me want to toss my “you know whats” into the paper bag!

c’mon Sportsmen…Murray was a class act…I was continually wondering when he was going to announce himself as the starting QB. for the Lions or try the opening kickoff… :lol:

i think ottawa has the same away jersey as the falcons, with texans looking helmets. I was in a bar last week and espn showed highlights of a game and i thought they were showing the texans due to the helmet. Overall i like the old Bluebombers jerseys. New ones look too much like the rams.

Hey Papazoola, I almost wore out my paperbag that year!

Let me check the Jerseys. I’m glad you agree with me abou the Winnipeg jerseys.

No ofence, but I don’t really see a connection beteen the Teaxans helmets and the gades ones cuz both helmet and logos are diffrent colors (Teaxans: dark blue helmet with a red, white and blue logo/Ottawa: black helmet with a red and muti colored logo).

here is Atlanta

and here is Ottawa

Well, they do look simular but the designs are competly different.

Thanks, papazoola! you like last season jerseys over the new ones, no?

The BB’s will do well but we willn’t make the playoffs, I’m thinking about a 7-11 record or a 6-12.

We’ll play well, but with our jerseys looking like a fram team, we wouldn’t make it (you are what you play).

…but anyone who things that the BB will finsh 1-17 is nuts!

Next season, we will be more comtible in our new skin and will play unbeliably better and be a contenter for the 2006 playoffs and the Cup. After all, the game will be in our house, lets repersent the West in it! :wink:

Well, I saw some clips of the Ottawa/Edmonton game and Ottawa does look like the Teaxans. Maybe Reebox idea was to make the CFL more like the NFL which I think is a supid idea cuz the CFL is a pro league in it’s own right!

Look at this:

The old BB’s jersey is alsome! I’d like it if this jersey made a come back with the logo and numbers to the selves!!!

i personally hate their new jerseys, their home jerseys numbers are hard to see and im just not a fan.
kanga-kuncha: i personally have to disagree with you, im a huge bomber fan and have season tickets and i think they are screwed this year, i dont even think they have a chance making playoffs. i knew they were screwed with glen and then after going to the game on thursday man are they ever screwed, tee martin did nothing! they need to use michna, he was the best qb on the team in the preseason. their o-line sucks and cant block for charlie and what the hell is up with cloman!? hes the next peterson, cant catch a ball if his life depended on it. their D is shaping up and i must say tom canada is great! but how can the bombers get anywhere when they dont have an offense? and why the way! did any of you see that hit on milt?! god i almost died when he didnt get up!

Kirsten, I completely agree with your analysis. Anyways, keeping to topic here, the Bombers should bring back the royal blue and gold. When we wore those jerseys we were a CFL powerhouse, ever since they adopted the navy blue look it seems like we’ve been so up and down. The Bombers need to go retro again, it’s too bad reebok’s in sole command of what kind of jerseys a team can wear.