Blue Bombers Jerseys, a revelation

I like to share a revelation I'd had today when I conpaired the Rams home jersey to the Winnipeg one and found out that they aren't the same, but are different. see below.

this is Winnipeg's (as you know)

This is the Rams (see the difference?)

Now, if I was a judge ruling on a case bought by the Rams on Reebox about the jerseys, I'd rule in favor of Reebox.

However, I also found out this, the Rams away jersey, which has been in use since 2000 looks almost the same as the BB's last away jersey which had been in use since 1994 to 2004. Though I don't like this kinda "pay back" it seems fair to me that the Rams have no case aganist the BB's since they did the same to us. Have a look:

here's the BB's away jersey (I though I'd just put it up)

Here is the current Rams away jersey.

Here is the last season's Winnipeg away jersey (see the simularies! :shock: )

So, in conculsion, though I still think the new Winnipeg jerseys suck, I can live with it cuz the Rams copied us frist! :wink:

But I do miss last seasons jerseys :cry: , and I hope that they will make so kind of come back in the future. 8)

Just of kicks, here is the alsome last seaon Winnipeg home jersey! :smiley:

I think the new jersey's are fine but I wish that the Bluebombers would bring back the blue helmet they used for 1 season I think it was 1995.

hmm.. the new Bombers jerseys seem to suit the rams more than the rams jerseys... does anyone else think that?

i think the lighting is off in the rams home jersey pic, the gold should be darker

I like that helmet also mate, but the blue of the helmet and the blue of the BB’s logo above would chash togerther and it wouldn’t look very good. Besides Winnipeg has used a gold helmet for many seasons.

Also on the subject of simular jerseys, the same can be said about Edmonton and Green Bay, and though I don’t like either of those teams, in Edmonton’s defence, Edmonton had the colors and the jerseys before Green Bay.

Green Bay has even treid to chage their colors (like the rams did in 2000, they used to be Blue and Yellow), I try and find a site that shows their defunct helmets.

Found it!:

I’m gald that that Browns helmet is dead! but they should put that logo they have that looks like a football on their helmets.

Well, it is odd that their current home and away jerseys have deferent designs, weild!

Here is what the Rams jerseys look pre 2000, when there colors were Blue and Yellow.

very different to the Winnipeg away jersey at that time (last years jersey), so to conclued, the Rams copied the BB's former away jersey and Reebox has now in a since copied the Rams current home jersey when they designed the new Winnipeg home jersey. Not a smart idea (cuz it totally back fires on Reebox and Winnipeg), but justified, and there is a clear difference beteew both teams current home jerseys.

... and I'm not happy with the new jerseys, However, now I'm content with them. I still hope that the old ones make a come back as I have said above.

dont count on a comeback

What do you mean?

Edmonton is ok cuz they had the colors and jerseys frist as I have said above. Green Bay and should chage to Green and Gold or they and the NFL fans should just shut the fuck up!


Well when or if the Jets come back, the Blue Bombers may change their name to the Manitoba Blue Bombers. when/if that happens, the jerseys will chage again.

Someone recently said that the new Winnipeg jerseys look like the Vinkings jerseys, so I went on River City sports to compair the two and the same sistuation that happened with the BB's home jersey and the Rams home jersey is the same as the BB's away jersey and the Vinkings away jersey.

if you comapair this with the Winnipeg away jersey, one can see the differents

Though I'd like it if the BB's had a design almost like the Vinkings home jersey but with a gold coler or the Edmonton Eskimos jerseys but with the Winnipeg logo where the reebox sigh is and also with the gold coler.

I'd be more worried on whats inside the jerseys... :wink:

Curse you Sportsmen for the image you just placed in my mind!!!

Not since I read a article where a person on Game Pro asked why their is a naked code for Tomb Radier and not Duke Nukem have I had such a drity image!!!

Cheer up KK, It will get better. God I remember those awful days in BC when Calgary would come and kick our butt 55-6......Oh those were the ugly days!

I'm fine now that I know that the Winnipeg jerseys are different in there own right, though they still look like a fram team.

Then again, Vancouver Canucks whet though that terrible time when the had those terrible "V" jerseys, thank god those aren't used anymore!!!

I still have hope! and hope for the BB's this season after that game last weekend. We aren't playoff material but we will put up a good season. :wink:

..........Cheer up KK, it will get better......Gawd I remember those fabulous days when Calgary would go to BC and kick their butts 55-6............Oh those were the glory days.........

KK...Now you're giving me night mares......Please the Canuck Jerseys...Those were from the bad substance abuse days! May they never, never, never return!

Red & White, The only good things from those days, was that everyone left early, and by the time the game was over, there was no traffic jams!

Actually, I think I still have my brown paper bag that I wore from those days! :oops:

I just says I feel the same way about those horrible canuck jerseys as I feel for the new Winnipeg ones. But lucky, one not going to return and the other will fade in a few years and will face the same fate.

GOD, I miss last season BB’s jerseys!!!

.nice work on the jerseys Kanga, I like em.......TALKING ABOUT THE OL' DAYS...... I remember when the Bombers used to go into Regina ( Tom Clements era) and look around the locker-room and say 'o.k. Big Blue by how much do you want to beat these guys tonight...pretty confident I'd say...could have used a little of that last Thurs. :roll:

.........just poking at ya with a stick sporty.......