Blue Bombers Hire Paul LaPolice As Head Coach

According to Arash Madani who has regularly been accurate on CFL stories he's broken ...

.....I wonder who's right......tsn....who have gone on record this morning as saying it's Greg Marshall......orrrrr sportsnet.......Somebodys wrong.... :lol: :lol:

Wow, It's rare that two different sports outlets report the opposite in such adamant fashion. Somebody's going be embarrassed. Here's the TSN link:

I only hope it's TSN :lol:

You're not alone there. And, the best guess right now is that they (TSN) are the one that's wrong. The Winnipeg football reporters are leaning toward believing Sportnet's story because of the connections Arash Madani has, having been a Blue Bomber employee.

TSN has now changed their story:

and our trusty reporter Drew has spoken to Greg "as he is walking in Burlington" Greg sez he wasnt offered Winnipeg..

much as I had to lose Marshall.. ya gotta feel for the guy... really

he certainly has shown integrity as the media dissects and reviews his accomplishments ...

Marshall is a class act.

But the remaining spot for a head coach...Argoland?????

would you really wish that on your worst enemy? .... wait a minute..

. they are my worst enemy.. :cowboy:

I'm sorry for Coach Marshall, but I can honestly say this is the best football news I've had in a good while.

I'm honestly shocked by this. What does Greg Marshall have to do to get a head coaching job in this league? I don't want him out of here at all but this had to have crushed him. Everyone was talking like he had it locked and maybe he thought he did too.

I don't want to see him coaching the Argos though, please. For the meantime we are safe at D coordinator, that's one positive thing. He wants to be a head coach and has for a while now, so we are bound to lose him, it's just a matter of time. If things go well with our team this year and beyond it's unlikely that he'll get a head coaching shot here either. You don't change coaches when things are going well.

I have to think that one day teams will be beating a path to Coach Marshall's door.

It really does stink that he keeps getting overlooked (for him). I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for him
and I have to think that the Bombers must have felt the need to go with someone who is more offense minded since Kelly was such a dud.

Crap, I didn't know that Milanovich turned down the blue team's offer. I thought that job had been filled. That would be a horrible nightmare.

Assuming the LaPolice story is true...
it might be more of a reflection on the Bummers than on Marshall. For all anyone knows it might have come down to money or team control or both. The way the BoG in WPG seems to interfere with every aspect of the team Marshall might have been told he couldnt be guaranteed full control. La Police ,on the other hand, might have come cheaper and more willing to work within the structure that's there now.

Bummers go with a GM that's been out of the loop for over 20 years and a rookie head coach with less experience than Marshall ?

Knock yourselves out.

I'm sure Marshall would be a good head coach but it would be a crime against the defensive side of the football if he stopped coordinating. He is too good at it to stop in my mind.

Not a good day in Riderland. While it appears pretty well confirmed they're losing their OC to the Bombers, they've also lost all-star DE Stevie Baggs to the Cardinals.

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Lapolice can stay and take over from Miller in a year or two. I'm not sure this is a done deal.

IMHO_ Marshal is pegged to be the next Tiger Cats H.C. _ someday!

NOT true, they seemed to loath Lapolice in Rider nation, at least the internet portion of their cult seemed to bash him for his lack of 'creative' playcalling and lack of halftime adjustments.

Confirmation that LaPolice will be named Bomber's HC tomorrow:

I'm not shocked. . . Marshall has been turned down for umpteen head coaching positions in the CFl he's applied for over the past few years. . . so his getting turned down yet again is no shocker to me. CFL Gms seem to have convinced themselves that, while he's a good defensive coordinator, he's not head coaching material. Why do they believe it? I can't answer that, but there's obviously something there since so many teams have passed him over.

Wait for it though. He still may end up in Argoland and let's face it.....who else is left standing as HC material?

Doug Berry.

Remember Naylor in the Globe told us that the job was practically his. . . mind you Naylor’s changed his tune so often in the past week or so. . . I wonder if he goes ‘beep’ when he backs up so often as he has been lately. . .