Apparently the peg fans are not happy with their head coach.
Listen to his response to questions after the game today.

All I can say is wow. This guy has been a total flake all year and this just adds to all the dumb things he's done and/or said and trust me there's been ALOT. If this goof won coach of the year, I'd probably just stop watching the CFL in total disgust.

…get Gene Okerlund to do the next Kelly interview…

…I am so tuning into CJOB if the BBs lose next week…

What a jackass but he does speak whats on his mind no sugar coated sprinkles and rainbows with this guy

...nobody wants sugar-coated rainbows after a loss but some serious discussion on what perhaps went wrong isn't that tall of an order....look at Coach Miller after the loss in Hamilton, he felt his team was playing very uninspired and spoke of the lack of consistency on the offense, resulting in the Sask D being left on the field too long, frustrated as he was he offers a level-headed comment from his unique perspective, allowing the rider fans to understand what happened....

...Kelly's reaction was juvenile, clearly he is in over his head when it comes to handling his emotions and how/when to vent properly...

In all fairness, he did issue an apology if you were offended. :roll: :slight_smile:

While it can't be described as "sugar-coating", what he did was really no different. He didn't like what they were saying, so he got up and stormed out in a huff. I used to see that sort of behaviour in my 12-year-old niece, but she outgrew it...about six years ago! This is "startling" but not at all surprising, since it's essentially the same as his "It's been dealt with internally, it's a non-issue, I'm not going to talk about it" response.

Okay, Mike, we'll take your word for it: your guys were ready, they were focused, they were alert, and they played to their full potential. So getting their butts handed to them means either they're inferior football players who don't belong on a CFL field, or they're poorly-coached.

Guess which one I think it is. :wink:

If the Bombers want to keep him around, they really should get someone else to handle press conferences and other dealings with the media.

Mike Kelly does not like being confronted or contradicted–he takes it personally and has temper tantrums. At one point during the season, he refused to take phone calls on his own call-in show. How childish and thin-skinned is that?

MK did eventually calm down and give a civil response to the media.

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If the Bombers lose to the Puttytats either next week or in the East Semi-final, I would be very surprised if MK was invited back to coach next season. He makes Doug Berry look like a professional in comparison, and that’s saying something, considering the “lynching” people had planned for Berry.

Pro football is a high stress job. The worst time to interview someone is after a big loss in an important game. Not everyone can remain cool and behave diplomatically. Losers may lose control and vent their frustrations. Of course, this is bad for public relations.

He's supposed to be a professional and there was no excuse for what he did, nobody was attacking him. He who shall not be named better shape it up, this is like the 10th time he's either had an outburst or said something stupid and disrespectful.
Coaches are expected to act in a professional manner and try to give the fans as much info. as they possibly can on their team, the CFL really does enforce the whole "this is our league" thing. In fact, after one of Kelly's fools got caught spying on a Ticat practice, the league was mad at us for closing out the first 15 minutes of practice. Fire Kelly in the off-season, the CFL doesn't need a pile of trash with a Bomber shirt on it.

I like Kelly, he speaks from the gut.

Yes he’s a hot head, and was overly emotional after the Al’s game.

Kelly’s not known for diplomatic interactions when dealing with media types, but to be honest , the media can be moronic at times and know just the right buttons to push to get extreme responses.

Kelly manned up here, did the right thing and apologized…

Maybe instead of immediate post game interviews Kelly should take a time out…Nah, the press would whine about that too.

I’ve never seen the media apologize for asking stupid redundant questions…Have you?

David Naylor of the Globe hits the nail on the head:

[url=] ... le1348386/[/url]

Kelly makes headlines again
David Naylor

So Winnipeg head coach Mike Kelly makes headlines again.

This time for using a curse word during a live interview - with the team's rightsholder no less! - after his team got spanked by Montreal on Sunday.

The Bombers issued a statement Monday in which Kelly apologized for the remark but then went on to justify his decision to curse on the air and then abruptly end his interview with Bob Irving.

What Irving apparently asked was whether the Bombers lost focus against Montreal because they were looking ahead to the following week's showdown with Hamilton?

Fair question, absolutely. And the kind of thing that gets asked all the time in sports.

It's also the kind of question that leaves all kinds of room for Kelly to deflect it.

But he couldn't until it was too late, and he issued this quote within the Bombers statement.

"I could not concur nor accept the assertions made by the interviewers that our players were ‘unfocused’ and looking towards our next contest. As the Coach of these men I know the professionalism and dedication which they commit in their preparation for each and every game. This group leaves it all on the field week in and week out, regardless of the outcome.?

That would have been a perfect response for the question when asked, of course.

Sure Mike Kelly was frustrated by his team's performance and sure he may have thought the question was pointing in the direction of him not preparing his team well enough.

Being able to respond appropriately is part of the skill set every head coach has to have.

We all have frustrating days at work.

But there are lots and lots of jobs in the world where when you have one of those, no one is going to be standing there with a microphone asking you about it. If Kelly can't take fair questions after a disappointing defeat, he needs to go find one of them.


He said bullshit, get over it people . Rather have too much passion than not enough !

Passion and being disrespectful and unprofessional on a regular basis are two very different things.

Coach Kelly quote;
"I could not concur nor accept the assertions made by the interviewers that our players were ‘unfocused’ and looking towards our next contest. As the Coach of these men I know the professionalism and dedication which they commit in their preparation for each and every game. This group leaves it all on the field week in and week out, regardless of the outcome.?

Ahhhhhh.....Nice mellow controlled Prozac response.....That say's absolutely nothing new, just worded so as not to offend the

We're all familiar with prepared statements from misbehaving "professionals" who should know better, whether it's sport figures, or politicians.... ,etc,etc..

Prepared statements by someone,for someone else who is being scolded is meaningless to me.

Doesn't surprise me in the least that David Naylor would back his hyper sensitive media cronies.

Sat. Nov.7th Hamilton in Winnipeg is the real story. The press should focus on that.

Kelly represents the Bomber organization, and by extension. .the CFL, he needs to act his age and knock off his 8yr old tantrums. Grow up!!

Don't worry, after this upcoming weekend when the TiCats clock the Bombers but good, he'll go on such a rampage with his mouth he'll be fired by the Bombers pronto. Get ready Mikey for a whippin this weekend! :twisted:

.....and Kelly gets his WAREZ slapped for the incident...

$2000 fine :thup:
looks good on him.

I agree! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Doug Berry must be smilling some where.....