Blue-Bombers... get real

Sorry to ruin the party but... this team reeks... the bad smell can almost be smelt in Montreal.

Milt Stegall... You want that Grey Cup ring? get a trade. Fast. Football careers don't last forever... considering yours is neering its end.

And lets talk about the oh-so-powerful Kevin Glenn! Wait a sec, was it good ol' Milt saving his butt again?

Mister Doug (R)assberry, when Montreal has a training camp and cuts Dinwiddie... it means that the guy is not good... but Doug "the Rug" had to lose a couple of games cuz he was stubborn.

But please do continue to take our cuts and our free agents... It only keeps us at the top of the division almost every year.

But.. please do make a better effort to protect these players. The stadium might fall on them!

what brought this on?

Ouch Pappa or piggy did you guys pee in his cornflakes!

Someone has issues.

The long off season does strange things to some people...........

Hey There East Side -

One fumble away from the Eastern Final. That's all. If the BBs had made it they would have pasted your guys.

BTW - What rainbow of colours are the Als going to wear this year?

....something heavily into the softer shades of hot pink, salmon and fuscia....

Whoa there Eastside! Lighten up, kick off is still 6 months away and you've got your game face on already.

At least Donald Trump was provoked. What brought this rant on?

Bomber Fan....are you going to take this?

I think Winnipeg has a lot of good players and will make the playoffs again (but when you have Hamilton in your division it's unfair to the Western teams).

Sheesh....smack-talkin' your own team..... :lol:

…with good cause.

hes just scared cuz he knows winnipeg will wipe the floor with montreal this season.

Winnipeg won't be wiping the floor with anyone next season until they find a decent quarterback. Glenn is NOT good.

ha ha thats what you think, eastern all star QB next season. just wait

Thats what you said last year!!!!!!
I believe you were even going to win the cup! :lol:

and we would have to, if it wasnt for malbrough and malveax bouncing off of each other :oops:

but in all seriousness i never actually said that, i aid we'd make the playoffs and finish second in the east. i was partly right :roll:

Hey James, didnt we make a bet last year that if your team would end up being better than mine well i would respect it? well guess what hapenned ! It sucked!

At least Ricky Williams got to win a playoff game up north, too bad he couldnt do it against a better team...

And that best Receiver-QB combination going to Khari Jones and Milt Stegall... Geez dont you bomber fans have anything better to do than scraching your butts in front of the computer all day and voting for a duo that was surpassed by many other combinations. Please next time, vote for someone who actually deserved it.

Eastern allstar next season what no other eastern teams putting in QB's next year! ha ha ha ha For Glenn to get an Eastern allstar at QB the other teams would have to use their centers at QB. And even then it would be iffy!

...sounds like you just don't appreciate one of the greatest receivers to ever play in the CFL ...eastside...i would say there would've been more than just Bomber fans voting for Milt and Khari....I hope you come out to watch Milt in 07 and set the pass catching record...never know ..might just be against the ALS...that would be sweet.... :lol:

Great post esa, I cant wait to pull it out in November and watch you eat your words like so many others did last season and btw whats that GC record again 1 for 5, now thats really sad.