Blue Bombers Fans Skills Clinic - Saturday, June 9

From the Bombers website:

[b]Blue Bomber Fan Skills Clinic[/b]

Ever wonder if you can kick a 30-yard field goal to win the game? Do you think you can throw 25-yard bomb over the middle? Do you feel like you have the hands to catch a fly pattern to break the game wide open? How fast is your 40?

Now is your chance!

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers invite all their fans to Canad Inns Stadium this Saturday, June 9th to watch the Blue Bombers practice from 10:30am - 12:45pm for the closest thing to game action the team will take part in before the preseason starts.

Once practice ends, fans will be able to test their skills on the field turf at Canad Inns Stadium.

Field Goal kicking- test your "boot" as you start at the 15-yard line and work your back to see how much leg you have!
How far can you throw?  Huddle up at the line of scrimmage - take the snap and let it fly!
Are your hands made of silk or stone?  Run a pattern and see if you can catch a deep ball.
How fast can you run the standard 40 yard sprint?

Blue Bomber alumni Bob Cameron, Troy Westwood, Rick House & Lamar McGriggs will be on hand to help fans during the clinic.

There is no cost to enter and everyone from all age groups all welcome. Each fan that enters will have to sign a waiver and those under 18 will have to be accompanied by an adult to participate.

The Fan Skills Clinic is scheduled to start at approximately 1:30pm and last until approximately 3:30pm.

Please enter through the Bomber Store at Canad Inn Stadium.

And you guys were all over the Riders for having an extra mini camp. This is obviously the Bombers way of shunning the rules of how many players are allowed at Training camp. With what their current roster provides they will Probably will find a couple of keepers out of all this also. :lol: :lol:

Wouldn't that be something to unearth the next Brian Diesbourg........who neg listed him again.......oh yeah that guy in Regina now, lol.

Oh yeah, that guy. Isn't he the one everyone in Winnipeg is now calling the Hamburglar, since he robbed big Mack of his 2 most valued assets this off season. :rockin: :rockin: :lol:


Yup, thanks for the draft picks.

....Is this some lame attempt to defend that burned out (his own words) , draft dealing squanderer, using napkins as a player reference tool guy, by the name of Brenden Taman :lol: :lol: Cuz if it is :lol: Hamburglar is really the loose term for 'incompetent' :lol:

Due to the weather the skills camp has been postponed. Details as to a new date and day will be released shortly.

Saw some pictures posted at Facebook of the few diehard fans who watched practice in the downpour, including this one: