Blue Bombers extend LB Adam Bighill through 2024

The detractors still trying to derail any thread involving the Bombers.
This thread is about one of the very best to play the position, and just a great guy all round. Any team would be stupid to not sign him.
Biggie's back and our team is still going to contend. Some just can't accept that.


I did post the details of 5-6 starters out and their replacements out and numerous significant rotational players such as Hansen and Hallett out as well. I am not going to look for that post and the detail it contained now. Off the top of my head Bighill was their only starting LB playing and Parker and Lawrence are miles down the secondary depth chart. I also posted before the game the significance of McManis, the Argos best player on either side of the ball, being out. The rest not so much.

Many have stated that MBT being hurt late was a blessing for the Argos and indeed that appeared to be the case. Don’t forget that Zach, the best player on either team, was 75% at best and it showed. Perhaps Harris was also similarly hampered as he did Jack squat after the first quarter. Oulette had a couple of nice runs largely created by his teammates but was hardly a force throughout the game. I must take my leave now but nice chatting with you.

Blue and Gold getting old never a good thing

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Jon don’t waste your time on the Extinguished. It’s just not worth it. The insecurity and jealously is already out and we’re still 6 months from hitting the field. Everyone who has a football mind know the Bombers will be the team to beat next year. And on a side note, there’s not one team that wouldn’t want Bighill in the middle of their defense, the players themselves voted this way again this past season. The guys a stud, and has a couple years left in the tank. We’re fortunate those years will be in The Peg.

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Are you counting Mercy Maston, who hasn’t played a snap in 5 years, in that count again?

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Don’t mistake us laughing at you as jelousy lol…

Sure… the Bombers had the most injuries. If Jon says so

Is Adam Bighill getting older. Yes. Is he still a great player. Yes. Is he a great leader and mentor for the young guys. Yes. There are several other great leaders on the team as well and in all positions.

The young guys showed very well against the 2nd best team and BC was playing all of their available starters. The depth is fine and the young guys will get more playing time. They have built a foundation for many more years of success.

Bad things happen to teams when they just hand over the keys and they don’t have great leaders and mentors, no matter the age or position.

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Don't mistake us laughing at you as jelousy

Still trolling I see, maybe change your bait, you might have better luck.

As far as not jealous of the Bombers, who are 3 times in the Grey Cup games winning 2 of them consecutively, who defeated the Riders in the playoffs in 19 & 21? , remind me, I may have forgotten wasn't 2022 the year Saskatchewan was hosting the Grey Cup? And in a 9 team league failed to make the playoffs? Even the crossover? They peeked in 21 and 22 they puked.

Well you have a great day.:blue_heart:

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Last time you hosted a Grey Cup you went 5-13 and missed the playoffs. Are you really one to make fun of Sask for that lol

I never hosted the Grey Cup ever. Still lost?

Time for either a logo change to the real Cup holders or a name change. WeGotAParticipationRibbon should do it, yeah?:rofl:

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Why would I be jealous of the team that lost so spectacularly in the game with history staring them in the face? From champs to wannabe.

W - We
A - Aren’t
N - Nowehere
N - Near
A - Actually
B- Being
E - Excellent.

Your moniker is so-o-o-o- 2021.

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And to stay on topic, Adam Bigchill , Mike O’Shea & Willie Jefferson

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Bighill is a top 5 LB. Muamba arguably #1 as GC MOP / MOC with Sankey highly rated also due to youth and tackle #'s.

More concerned for the depth behind him. Gauthier and Maruo don't appear to be every down guys. Jesse Briggs should be another bubble guy.

Why would we be jealous of the runner ups lol

But they are still so awesome :laughing:

Isn’t this your post to me on another topic?

Nobody is trolling you. Get over yourself


So now not being jealous of the second place Bombers is trolling?

Your definition of trolling is very broad, sir.

Bighill turns 36 this year I believe. I like the guy, true gentleman, met him a few times, etc but age isn’t on his side