Blue Bombers extend LB Adam Bighill through 2024

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Tuesday that the team has signed all-star linebacker Adam Bighill to a two-year contract extension, keeping him a member of the Bombers through 2024.

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Another positive for Bomber fans. Hopefully next year both of his starting linebacker mates won’t go down for the season early.


That's a no brainer. He was a MUST signing.


Not a surprise. His business is in Winnipeg. I'd like to say it's a good signing but it's risky. Looks like he wants to play till 37 as he stated last year. I'm interested to see if the Bombers bring back all the old "warriors". Will they field a "veteran" club, or just "old"? :sunglasses:May have to beat Father Time to compete for another Cup. Good luck with that.

Fingers crossed that Wilson and Maston stay healthy this year I guess. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Bighill is a great mentor for all the younger LBs in the fold.

Do they sign Darby Jr. or Wilson? Do they have confidence in Clements and will they re-sign Rutledge Jr., who finished on practice roster, to secure the OLB positions. Pretty much eliminates bringing in a FA linebacker from another team. But, never say never.

Or that another starter replaces them rather than having to resort to an in season back up. Achilles injuries are a bitch. With Maston out two years in a row his return may be questionable from a physical point of view.

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For sure I think they will at least want to sign Wilson. He is the second best LB they have and could start on any team in the league pretty much.

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Your Bomber bias knows no bounds, Jon. Kyrie is turning 31 tomorrow, can’t stay on the field. He has played 35 games in 5 years & averages less than 3 tackles/game. Very ordinary. He can start before Lokombo in BC? Judge in Calgary? Muamba in Toronto? Lawrence in Hamilton? Dean in Regina? He isn’t in the same area code as any of those players. But he’s a Bomber - so that’s all that matters. Let’s write him in on our all-star selection. I have him marked down as one of the guys the Bombers should drop. C’Mon, Jon, I give you more credit than that. :sunglasses:

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As you know I cheer for the Bombers, but no bias. Wilson is an excellent player so you have that part wrong. When I said he could start at LB I clearly meant as one of 3 LB’s on any team and indicated he was only the second best at his position on the Bombers. I didn’t review the LB corps on every team to try and determine if they possibly had one better than him.

It also appears that all or most of the LB’s you cited are older than Kyrie’s 31 years so I don’t get your point there. Also none of them are better than Bighill, who Kyrie compliments very well. I also would have given you more credit than that. I can’t imagine any of the guys you mentioned performing at the all star level Bighill did this year with raw newbies on their flanks. Saskatchewan in particular had an embarrassment of linebacking riches that made all of their individual jobs much easier.

Kyrie has been great as a Bomber, no doubt. I don't need to argue with any outside fan about how good he is. But saying that, he is older and who knows how he recovers from his injury. We need someone of his 2021 calibre though on the weakside and experience on the SAM.
As far as Biggie, any WPG fan loves the signing, we'll worry about 2024 when that time comes. I can see him calling it after next year or even getting on with the club as a LB coach. The guy is worth his weight in gold as far as what he brings to the team in leadership, and ticket sales.


Rider linebackers made tackles, but I wouldn’t put any 3 of them in my starting line up. Moncrief has lost steps and was consistently beat on passes down field, Dean has just aged which you could tell as he wore down throughout the season, and there are better all around MLB’s in the league above Sankey. I’d take the starting 3 at the end of the season in Winnipeg over anything Sask put on the field.

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Wilson averages 7 games a year over 5 years so he is not durable. He is not younger than Judge, Thurman, Williams, McManis, Santos-Knox or others I could mention if you are talking about 2 man units. All have played WIL & MLB. I wouldn’t rank him above Konar for that matter who a) is CDN b) younger c) plays specials d) played both WIL & MLB when injuries occurred. Wilson is a long way down the list of LB’s & yes, durability is a big factor. I don’t advocate keeping older players but some older players I’d keep because they’re still better than younger guys - & Wilson falls in that category. I didn’t say you should drop Neufeld or Jefferson even though they are older than Wilson. I’m on record as saying they were good signings. IMO there are a lot better choices out there than Wilson.

And, Jon, Wilson can’t start at any of the 3 LB positions because there are only 2. SAM is manned by DB’s. Nobody is going to put Wilson in @ SAM.

But if the Bombers want to pay him to stand on the sidelines for most of the year, I’m all for it. In that case I’m happy for you. :grinning:

Definitely. No linebacker had a tougher job than him this year and opposing offenses had the luxury of designing plays specifically to nullify his impact. Arguably in the circumstances he had as good a year as any he has ever had, especially since he played hurt all year, even though his stats might not show it. I’ll take Dean and his stats though. NOT.

I am sure Walters and O’Shea realize that Biggie needs help next year and will remedy the situation. Kyrie will be welcome if he is recovered. We can’t be the unluckiest team with defensive injuries two years in a row can we?

The Bombers were down the list on man-games lost to injury. That has been reported during the year. Can you have the best DL, Jon, & your MLB have the toughest job because RB’s are consistently getting to the 2nd level? You can’t have it both ways. Stats show, despite playing a full 18 games, Adam was a full 50 DT’s behind Sankey. There were 10 LB’s who were “busier” than Mr. Bighill this year.

Do you think that teams haven’t also schemed against other star defensive players? Do they intentionally throw all day to the best HB? Haven’t they tried to nullify Hughes, Cameron Wake, James (Quick) Parker, etc etc? Is Bighill the only one who plays hurt? That’s football. If you’re afraid to get hurt, dress up like the Michelin man. So we’re ALREADY making excuses for poor “old” Adam to get some help. Can’t get from sideline to sideline anymore or what’s the problem exactly? What happened to the Bombers who were tougher than the rest, wore down teams in the final quarter? Making excuses for them now that a younger, tougher team hit them in the teeth?

And when it comes to luck. The Bombers have had their share of good luck. I won’t bother going down that road again. But really??

No team lost more man games on defence to injury than the Bombers, yet they still owned the # 1 defence. A testament to Bighill. Half of their defensive starters couldn’t suit up for the GC, which I detailed in another thread. Part of the game? Yes. Good luck? No.

Check your facts. Riders, for one, lost more man games. I believe Bombers were in the 2nd tier, not top 3.

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Well six starters out for the last quarter of the year and GC. That’s half the starting defense. Maybe I’m wrong so feel free to tell me what other teams had similar injury trouble on defence. I am aware that many teams had worse offensive injuries than the Bombers, with BC and Ottawa torched the worst with Rourke and Masoli, even if their teams didn’t lose the most man games.

A slight correction - I can’t say for sure that the D had the most injuries. As for the GC, their star players who did play like Jefferson & Bighill were invisible. The starters on the official GC depth chart were

DL - Jefferson, Sayles, Thomas, Jeffcoat
LB - Bighill, Clements, Darby Jr. (missing Wilson - OMG)
DB - Rose, Nichols, Alexander, Parker, Lawrence

I don’t count 6 starters missing myself. And with Ellingson back in, their full complement of starters on Offence were there. That was missing in action when it counted.

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And, Jon, if you know anything about the Argo starters you will see that Robbie Smith was in the game for Ray, Brinkman with 1 game experience also dressed. They were missing McManis, their All-Star LB. All on D. They had to go with Kelly when McBeth was injured at a critical time. Bombers were beat largely on the run. By Kelly, by two 5 yard end sweeps by Oulette. You weren't handicapped on the front 7 other than by poor play.

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