Blue Bombers direction

Is it just me or does the Bombers coach look like the most lifeless sack of meat you have ever seen. Makes you wonder what Cal Murphy is up to.[/b]

Well....although Dailey has done a few things for the club, I really don't think he has what it takes to run a team. You can't really fire a head coach during the middle of the season (like they did Ritchie) my opinion it is too hard for the players to learn to get used to someone new. I don't like Dailey's decision making a whole lot....and why the heck don't the Bomber's D bump receivers on the line....screw up timing patterns? They always sit back and the jam!!! I think Dailey should go.

Daley should be canned asap, now that the bombers are looking towards next year, if you dont agree then just read Stegalls comments on the TSN site, he is basically pleading and sending an SOS to anyone who will listen.

Daley has insisted that this team isnt good enough yet to win the tight games. Well in the 9 losses this season they have been blown out 3 times, lost the other 6 by an average of 4.5 points and lost 3 by 2 points. This team had the opportunity to win in 6 of the 9 losses and in every one of those games you can look back and find two or three glaring coaching mistakes that cost the team points. Mr. Daley, you have a good football team, it is you and your staff that are not good enough to win tight games.

Ya Daily I'm with Pigseye, fire your self and fire the guy who wanted to go with a long pass over the middle to Steagall, all you had to do was nickle and dime them for longhair to kick 3 points for the win...and fire Longhair for missing that field goal, getting sick of him missing fieldgoals over 15 yards, Just maybe that was the reason for a long pass, no confidence in our Kicker...

I agreed. I said in a previois post yesterday that the long pass up the middle was a total bonehead call. Fifty seconds or so to go maybe 20 0r 30 yards and put it away when you have Charles Roberts to run or grab a couple of short passes seems like a higher percentage play…but I’m not the coach. If I am I tell Glenn to stay away from the home run and just eat up some yards and clock. Stupid play call and terrible clock management. Period.

I don't know what wrong with the guys seem to have some pretty talented guys on your great looking got QB issues..............and just lacking intensetity

Were you not one of the guys telling us how great coach Daley was,
and how the players all love him????

Divorce is ugly!!! LOL

Daley may be a good coordinator only, but he is not a head coach material and by a long shot. I would say clean house now by firing both Taman and Daley. On a temp basis only have one of the assistants take over until the end of the year. Hire Eric Tillman as your VP combo GM and have him hire the best coach either now available or at season end. With Erics ability to evaluate talent and locate bodies in the US, there is a good possibility of competing in time for next years Grey Cup in the Peg.

argotom it's going to be tough to start all over, get a team to gel with out loosing games next year unless these changes start now. Free agent signings will be a must if we want sucess in a short period of time, The head honcho made it public this week that he's going to inject dolllars into the bombers roster for next year....

the talent on the Bombers is not being utilized properly.....and that being the case the coach is the one you have to look to.....Daley blew- up at the fans after the game,. on the radio show with Bob Irving...bad's not the fans who are calling the plays...but it sure as hell is the fans that are paying Daley's salary......goodbye Jimbo....and don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out... :evil:

papazoola..............what did Daleys say to the fans...............I just love it when the coachs and management complain about fans

he was saying the players haven't been given enought time to gel as a unit and that after all we are in a rebuild mode...and shouldn't be expecting too much this year.....because we are not there don't expect to win the tight games.... after Irving called him on a few things apparently he lost it and sounded like he was going to throw a chair at him....too bad he didn't show that kind of emotion on the bench....I'm with Pigseye.....if the right bloody calls were made from the bench we would have won those tight games....he's trying an end-run should be getting more this year from this team and they're not....because of bad calls from the coach... :!:

What Daily was so steamed about was the fact there was a whole bunch of very ugly peaple dressed in green and white, just the pure sight of them was very disturbing to the general public. He also went on to blame the Winnepeg zoo for leaving the cage door open and letting these animals roam free

I think what really ticked Daley off was the inference made that... Shivers and Danny owe alot of gratitude to Daley for saving their jobs.... not really but.oh if only I could have been there to say that .....maybe I'm being too mean...but professional sport can be a .cruel businness Jimbo...and I guess you're finding that out...

A new direction for the BBs? Getting Brendan Taman out of his (spacious) office would be the first good move. Looking back, Taman has one good season of recruiting. Since then it's all downhill. When you examine all of the players that the club has gone through since Saint Cal, the best recruiting job, overall, seems to have been the work of Jeff Reinbald.
It's a given that Reinie was a lousy head coach and that his head was used to measure that inflatable helmet the players run out of. But, you can't discount the qulity of the players he brought on board.
Biggest problem the BBs have is lack of depth. Right now there are lots of NFL cuts on the market. BBs don't have the rights to any quality players on that list. Recruiting is a shambles. I say we dump Taman and give the recruiting job to Reinbald as well as the special teams duties.

what really burns me is.....and I know it's done and in the past....but

Brian Clarke....should have been signed and now starring for Cal...slipped away

Geroy Simon.....should never have been let starring for the Lions...slipped away

Arland Bruce the 111......should have been re-signed after returning from the starring for TO.

three good reasons to wonder about moves by Bomber management.....and boy are those missing pieces coming back to haunt us.... :frowning:

yes to all three papzoola !!!!!

i agree those three losses hjurt us but we still have the players to win some games. i actually think our offense has some potential right now. need a better qb and a decent oc/hc. i think taman is alright but we have let a few go that we shouldn't have. we would need to be careful about replacing him. could be a lot worse. daley, i don't htink we ned to be too careful about replacing hiim. we need rust back or someone solid in there because our d is not strong enough. they have had some good games but we have zero depth. we are always one injury away from disaster. note the doug brown injury issue. sorry ooster but you aint doug. fells should still be around. he was our only decent backup on d.

Here is what the bombers need to do.
First, fire Daily.Once a rider always a rider.He fluked out one year being head coach of a team that made it to the Grey cup.Anyone remember the outcome of that game?
Second, get a Q.B. Glenn has had 2 seasons to prove himself.

I really want the Peg to make the playoffs