Blue Bombers defeat Stamps in come-from-behind victory

WINNIPEG – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers may have been down, but they were surely never out.

Down to the Calgary Stampeders in front of a home crowd in the first half, the Bombers used a momentum swing in the second half to take a 24-11 victory at IG Field on Friday night.

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Early on I was beginning to wonder if all the doom and gloom about the Bombers getting old had some truth to it. By the time the game was over concluded : “not yet!”


Pins and needles until halftime. Thank goodness the Bombers pulled through. What a great missed field goal return by McCrae.


So west will be a fight to the death between bc and Winnipeg

I think this time bc might win but bombers might have just been terrible in that game against them.

The east seems like Toronto might cruise control their way to the finals.

Unless Montreal proves otherwise when they meet them.

used to be had great after game stats; not anymore I guess; true minor league

I know, me too. When Calgary scored straight 10 points on Winnipeg and it was 10-0, I thought that the Bombers are starting to fall behind and that might be the end of the Bomber reign. Although, after the McRae touchdown, no doubt, I had lost every bad thought I had!

And yet another clutch miss by Paredes that turned the game around completely with a six point swing. Wouldn’t want anyone other than Castillo on the Bombers.

I know they have be saying be patient, we’ll get it worked out but when you are 1/3 of the way through the season shouldn’t you have it worked out by now.

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Dear Commisioner Ambrosie:

Last Friday I was enjoying the game between WPG and CGY when an unfortunate thing occured. The broadcast team consisted of Matt Dunigan, Who I have found to be somewhat amusing at times, and Dustin Neilson, who I find quite irritating. Despite that I was enjoying the game action, even though the Stampeders were making life pretty difficult for my favorite team; the Blue Bombers.
In the closing seconds of the first half Dunny and Dusty became so distracted by some guy in the stands that they COMPLETELY forgot about the game and babbled on about this guy. In those closing seconds there was a penalty called. Dunny and Dusty never even noticed as they babbled on and on. I tried to catch the announcement of the penalty by the referee, but the booth boobs were talking and laughing so loud I couldn’t hear what was said.
During halftime I went to the play-by-play on the league website to find out about the penalty, but the new format was so hard to navigate that I gave up in frustration.
I have read that you have asked us to be patient while the new system is completed, but at the rate this process is preceding I may not LIVE that long!
From a standpoint of information, the CFL has torn its house down and moved into a tent while the new house is under construction by the Three Stooges.
I have defended the CFL in some fan discussions by saying that some criticism would be better directed at TSN/ESPN or other entities. I don’t have that argument to make anymore.


You should’ve used Crayola Crayons if you want Randy to read your message, :crayon:

Hope you actually sent this to him

I actually haven’t yet. I’ll have to see if a box of crayons is in my budget this month.

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An actual letter written and sent in the post goes a long way… Written in crayon would be that extra personal touch.

Written in crayon may be an indication of instability…just might get him motivated.

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Now besides the crayons you want me to spring for a new passport?

Best one with a different name. From the county of Ireland too… Don’t worry I know people. They owe me a small favor.

Just make one with your Crayola crayons.

Jag skulle vara helt otrolig som irländare. I fosterlandet börjar mitt efternamn med Å; aldrig O’ !

All you need is 6 shots of Jameson… You get a free passport

It’s not like I have never had six shots in the same day when I was young and dumb, but along with some of my current meds six shots would GUARANTEE that I wouldn’t live to see CFL data working again!

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