Blue Bombers bring back Bellefeuille

O'Shea needs some experience at his side,
Good re-hire by the bummers

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I don't argue that point.

But that point I will argue. Marcel was, at best, a mediocre offensive coordinator in Saskatchewan, Montreal, and Hamilton. He was a failure as an offensive coordinator in Winnipeg last half-season or so (I sure didn't see much if any improvement in that dismal offence after he took over for Crowton). So I don't consider this a good hire; surely there must have been better options out there. . .

In defense of Bellefeulle,and the B'B's lack of improvement on offence when Marcel took over.....He certainly didn't have a lot to work with,kind of akin to making chicken salad out of chicken sh-t. He inherited that offence,which was like a tool box with half the tools missing in it.Once the B.B.'s go out and get a decent Q.B,some new O.Linemen and a couple of receivers in the off is really hard to evaluate how Marcel did last year,trying to steer that already train wrecked 2 cent of an offence back on the track. It's kind of hard to do anything when your stuck with the "Three Stooges" as your Q.B's and Tim "Sad Sack" Burke as your HC.

Ok, if the argument is that Bellefeuille didn't have enough to work with in Winnipeg last year, what about his stint in Montreal in 2007? The Als were coming off a Grey Cup appearance and might have won that game if Robert Edwards hadn't fumbled the ball on the goal line. It was a veteran offense laden with talent. Under Bellefeuille, the offense sputtered the whole year, giving up the most sacks in the league that season as the team finished at 8-10 and was bounced from the playoffs in the first round. Trestman took over essentially the same team the year after and immediately led them to a Grey Cup appearance.

In Hamilton, Bellefeuille had a good team, but could never do better than average as an offensive coordinator.

At some point, you have to wonder whether he has what it takes to succeed in this league. He's been an OC for four different teams now and has failed to excel with any of them.

that was the year Calivillo's wife was diagnosed with cancer and he left the team late in the year. i can't recall who was the QB for the last few games and playoff game ( brady? ), but i doubt they'd have been 8-10 with a first round exit had Calvillo been there the whole season.

I wish Marcel the best with Winnipeg.
He's a good guy and has a lot to offer. Football is a crazy business. On one team a coach can be a bum and on another he can shine.
I hope it's his turn to shine. But not TOO brightly...we don't need a red hot competitor in our Division!!!! :lol:

The Bummers have moved back to the west where they belong.

It was indeed Brady, but the team was not performing well even prior to that diagnosis. The O-line was giving up sacks, no one could get open, and the team found Bellefeuille's offense "too difficult" to digest, so they had to simplify. Any time I hear that a team has to simplify things because the system is too complex, alarm bells go off for me.

Bellefeuille was equally ineffective as Hamilton's OC. Nor was he any great shakes in SSK or in Winnipeg last year. At this point, the body of work strongly indicates that he's nothing more than a mediocre football mind.

I remember you wondering why Marcel was hired as OC in Hamilton. You have a lot more company now.

I think that one of the reasons the Bombers hired Bellefeille as OC is his history as a head coach.

This experience should be an enormous help to O'Shea in his first year as a head coach.

Bellefeille is a class act and I wish him well.

I agree with you, and with mr62cats.

The extreme cynic in me can't help thinking that maybe they wanted someone with Head Coaching experience in case O'Shea turns out miserable as an HC and they wanted somebody nearby who could step in quickly with some continuity.

Rats.... I just felt my heart grow 3 sizes smaller. Now on to Whoville.

To the point of Bellefeuille's mediocrity..

Marcel might very well be a mediocre offensive mind...

But mediocrity is a definate step up from where the Bummers are right now...