Blue Bombers at Hamilton 2022 Play-By-Play Thread

At least I get some fantasy points from that TD. But yeah - it looked too easy. They have a way of doing that. :anguished:

It's saying something that I'm not even getting angry at this.

We have learned not to expect too much this season - unfortunately. Still early

Nice run by Hills. BIG hole opened on the left side of the line. Beard blocking the MLB upfield.

NOT impressed it took them two tries on short yardage.

HUGE play by Garand-Gauthier - and now Hills


Another play I expected Burt to do.

TD Timmeh. A good catch too.

Dare I say that the Ticats did that too easily too?

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TD WHITE!! Nice drive!

Dane's on a roll.

Interesting report by Schinetti(sp?) about Dane seeing a Sports Psychologist.


Condell finally understands that teams forget to cover the fullback.


Big receiver > two small DBs

Well that was EASY PEASY !

Anybody bet the over for this one ?

No pressure from our D-line - even with that last blitz.

WPG with the 2-QB system... lol

Zach should have been sacked twice on that play

Tie game

Always was pretty elusive. Except, of course, that last year in Hamilton before his knee had healed up.

Finally around to posting. Got here late due to traffic. Lousy attendance... don't believe any stat you hear. Concourses NOT busy
Stipley end zone has only one deep.


Oh... almost no wind.

The difference between attendance and paid attendance.