Blue Bombers at Hamilton 2022 Play-By-Play Thread

Like it or not, its talent-evaluation time.
I almost feel detached from caring right now. This is what this team has done to me.

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I hope talent evaluation time comes before the season starts next year.

A bit late is the season for any meaningful evaluation and change.

Yeah...Can't seem to muster much interest in this one...

The "braintrust" need to use the rest of the year to see what we need for next year now 'cause this season's over...


Speaking of no interest my son just texted me from BC to let me know that he'll be taking a pass on todays game and will be watching women's rugby instead .

I'm hoping for at least a competitive game - call me an optimist - but not necessarily a win. THAT would be a huge bonus but I sure won't hold my breath on that happening.

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what's the over-under for turnovers? Ints, Fumbles, Downs

Actually the women's rugby is his girlfriends game . He just texted that they are heading over to watch the Whitecaps game later tonight at the stadium .

Timmeh with a kick return.

Anyone with a wind report and coin-toss result?

A play that Burt should have been making all year.

Timmeh and Papi tripping each other up. Typical.

Kelly with the IP and then got beat by Jefferson.

Not a good time for a procedure penalty. I did hear prior to the game in the pre-game show that the wind didn't appear to be a factor today. Ticats have the wind a the moment - wonder if the BBs won the toss but I didn't hear anything - or I might have missed it.
Small with the FG to put some points on the board - better than a 2 and out.

Well, I see we both have the wind AND the ball. Without knowing the coin toss results, I would say that we will be screwed in the second and fourth quarters by another coaching error.

Great FG by Small.

Burt's been injured for weeks. Before that he didn't seem to be targeted too often that I recall.

Let's see how the D does and if they can stop Zach.

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Randle Jr getting beat.

Remind me why we signed Darby again?

Big receivers beating our undersized DBs...

Darby is backing up at SAM. Guess that they'd better start covering Bailey like a blanket. Of course then there's Schoen, Demski and a few others

Too easy. Demski again.

Has he played a down all season? Pretty expensive FA signing with zero output...

Well that looked EASY PEASY !
Didn't even look like the BB's broke a sweat on that drive .