Blue Bombers announce Jersey change

Just to let you all know the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are changing their jerseys next year back to the Royal Blue Uniforms. Also the football helmet will be blue face mask and the traditional helmet W with stripes. That is great news for the BB and their fans who have been demanding this change.

Also, for this season they will go with a specialty jersey that will be similar to the new-look but old-look jerseys.

That is awesome! The royal blue unis were pretty slick.

And that specialty uniform isn't too bad either. Way better than whatever the heck the Riders were wearing the other night.

Well, since there are about 5 Nike swooshes in BZ's pic, it's safe to assume that's not actually the third jersey for the Bombers...

The league deals with Reebok, not Nike. I agree not the real thing. This looks like it was taken from a guy who posted possible uniform looks a year or so ago. I've seen that uniform before. Looks good though, not as nice as the Riders but okay for the bombers.

Fake... thank god. These would be a serious downgrade from what they have now.

I like it. I'm disappointed that it isn't legit.

I agree with you Chief... I like the look

Blue Bombers Signature Helmet

Oh dear God, no.