Blue Bomber Poem


In the heart of Manitoba, where western winds whisper,
Where the echoes of gridiron battles still resonate,
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers stand tall - a storied saga,
A symphony of sweat, courage and fate.

Kenny Ploen, the quarterback with a heart aflame,
His arm a lightning bolt, his legs a tempest’s dance,
He led the charge, weaving magic on frozen fields,
Six Grey Cup appearances, four victories – a hero’s chance.

Ed Kotowich, linchpin of the offensive line,
His blocks carved pathways to glory, unyielding and true
He etched his name in the annals of football lore,
Silent architect of triumphs, under a western sky’s
azure hue.

Indian Jack Jacobs , swift as the northern winds,
His cleats painted with dreams, his spirit unbound,
He danced through defenses, leaving defenders dazed,
In the 50s Grey Cup, his magic crowned.

Bud Grant , mastermind, stoic and wise,
His playbook a tapestry of audacity and grace,
He wove legends from frost-kissed sidelines,
Championing resilience, etching victory’s face.

Leo Lewis , the elusive man, a comet in motion,
His legs carried hope, his heart fueled by pride,
In the frozen breath of November, he soared,
Touchdown pass from Lewis – a city’s joy multiplied.

Frank Rigney , spoken hero of the trenches,
His sweat mingling with the frozen turf,
He battled giants, his resolve unwavering,
In the Grey Cup’s crucible, he found his worth.

Zach Collaros , modern maestro, the conductor,
His arm a symphony, his vision a compass,
He steered the Bombers through tempests and trials,
In 2019, redemption unfurled – a championship chorus.

Mike O’Shea , on-field warrior, now sage,
His veins coursing with Blue and Gold fire,
As player and coach, he bled for his cause,
His legacy etched in resilience, higher yet higher.

12 Grey Cups , a constellation of triumphs,
Each star a memory, each roar a battle cry,
From the frozen tundra to the hearts of the faithful,
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers – a prairie legacy that won’t die.

This poet old enough to remember the triumphs,
older to remember the sorrows; Osborne Stadium
the Old Barn, Milt Stegall, Dunigan, Bubba Brown,
Burgess, Glen & never forgot – HOMEGROWN CHRIS WALBY!

Inscribed in time – now etched in old poet’s rhyme!


Ticat fan here appreciating your verse. The Ticat board has become less appreciative of poetry over the last couple of years- whether serious or parody.

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Appreciate your kind words. CBC Radio told me they wanted to have the poem read but when I told them I was a senior they ran for the hills. Evidently, CBC now disdains seniors!
Sent it to the Bomber office as well but expect nothing as they like people to pay to access any Bomber executives.
We (our seniors poetry group) reads at various nursing homes, hospitals, 55+ residences, palliative care units, etc. I’m told our program is the largest of its kind in Canada. Kinda overwhelmed when I heard that - or may moreso poetry is such a scary word.

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I thought the audience for CBC radio was 95% seniors.

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I think its more like 55% seniors - but CBC outlets across the country are routinely instructed to ignore senior contributions. They don’t mind seniors listening - they just don’t want too many on their airwaves.
BTW CBC, We own the airwaves! CBC airwaves are owned by the people of Canada - but operated by a small group of scammers who inhale a bloated annual $1.5 Billion dollar federal govt. cheque.