Blue Bomber Plates

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I like this, wish the Esks would do it too.

I'm a bit surprised that it's taken other teams to do something like this. We've been able to get TiCat, Argo, Renegades (when they were still around, don't know about now), Leafs, Raptors, and Senators plates for quite some time now, along with a host of other things (Canadian flag, loon, Ducks unlimited, SPCA, and many more).

correct me if I'm wrong but weren't there Roughrider plates?

^^ I do remember something about that...

The Bombers tried to do it in 2009 but were turned down. I think fans contacting MPI and the minister responsible for MPI turned the tide this time. Currently the only other specialty plate available in Manitoba is a veteran one.

But were these the actual official license plate or just a front plate that was not part of the vehicle registration? The new Rider plates, and I assume the Bomber plates, are all that you need on the vehicle (ie. back plates) and an official plate issued from the provincial registrar, that the cops are going to check on the database when they pull you over.

Here's a link to the Service Ontario website that shows all of the graphic plates that are available in Ontario through the Ministry of Transport:
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These are official licence plates, not novelty ones. The ones in Saskatchewan and soon to be in Manitoba are also official plates available through Saskatchewan Government Insurance and Manitoba Public Insurance respectively. In Manitoba and I believe in Saskatchewan and Ontario you have to have an official plate on both the back and front of your car.

Sasky has had these for a couple of years. Sasky only requires a back plate.

Those are really cool :thup:

With Sasky only needing a back plate.... I could put a "BB SUCK" as my front plate. How much do they cost and can I order just one? :rockin: :twisted:

Agreed… I have and Argo one…

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The official, non-novelty plates, have not even been available for a full year yet, according to the SGI website. They weren't released until May 19 of last year.

I guess if you can put whatever you want on the front, unlike in Ontario, specialty plates aren't as desirable.

Though they will be official licence plates, MPI president Marilyn McLaren said buyers will be able to use them only for decorative purposes if they wish.
What the heck that does mean? That I can't put them on my truck?

My read was that if you are crazy enough to pay full price for plates but don't put them on a vehicle and prefer to hang them on the wall in your basement bar, you may go right ahead. :?

You can put them on your vehicle. It's like legalbeagle say - people have the option of buying them for their vehicle or for display purposes.

They did this out here in BC for the Olympics, downside is you had to pay extra for them and they had to be returned if you changed plates later.

The challenge has been the teams being able to convince the licensing companies to see this as a money making proposition. Hopefully every team's fans could buy a license plate of their favourite team.

Makes sense. Ontario is full of crazy Leafs fans who will pay anything to support a losing team. That alone probably justifies the project. Everything else is just a bonus. :slight_smile:

Whew.... for a moment I thought you meant plates like this

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