Blue Bomber kicker

Congratulations on the win!! And congratulations on having an awesome kicker with a name like that! :joy:

I am sure he never was made fun of on the school yard :joy:

Justin Medlock in 2019 attempted the most field goals over 50 yards (8) and tied for most made (6). When given a chance on Thursday to try one from 51 to end the half, the team passed and instead tried a hail mary that resulted in a sack.

Medlock's retired. I he's talking about crappy.

I was talking about Tyler Crapigna. Awesome player and a great guy!!! :slight_smile:

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Agree great guy and mcmaster alumni

I like Tyler Crapigna. I think he'll do well in Winnipeg. His long FG is a 53 yarder with the Roughriders in 2016.


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Me too! I think he's going to be amazing!

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Meh, I'd rather see the young guy get more chances. Why carry 2 kickers?

The point that I was trying to make is: there is a big difference in Winnipeg now that Justin Medlock is no longer there. Mike O'Shea passed on field goal attempts of 51, 45, and 48 in game 1. O'Shea said he was concerned about a potential missed field goal being returned by Brandon Banks. But when Medlock was there, the Bombers would even try long field goals into strong winds.


I think the coaching staff is bringing Leggs along slowly...Right now he's learning a lot from Crapigna....I know he can make field goals from long distances...When he's ready he'll get his shot

The problem with having the same player both punting and kicking is that it might leave a team in a real lurch if he limps from a game. The team's next best option might then be whoever kicked back in high school or as a kid in some municipal recreation league. When a team has separate players doing the two jobs, each also serves to back up the other. So long as they're both Canadians, most rosters can handle having two.

Having import kickers though can hurt roster depth otherwise. In general I'm not comfortable when teams resort to kickers who are imports. I'd rather reserve another import position for some speed flash from Florida or Texas.


There's nothing wrong with Crapigna. There's no lack of confidence. Medlock just had a special leg that is not easily replaced. O'Shea would routinely trot him out from 50+ because he had a special kicker that no one else had. Now he has a solid reliable kicker with the normal range that everyone else has.

Keep in mind as well that Justin Medlock also came at a great cost to the Bombers. When it came to payroll, I believe that the Bombers paid him more than they're paying Tyler Crapigna and Marc Liegghio put together. And he was an Import so when it came to the ratio let's be very thankful that the Blue Bombers were one of the very few teams that have been able to go with a Canadian for their starting running back (as well as having one of the very best Canadian receivers in Nic Demski).


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'Tyler' is a name that every kid mocks during recess. Never name your kid after a flooring specialist. Honestly... you'd think the Crapigna's would give a s**t.