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From today’s Kirk Penton`s The Insiders Say in The Athletic:

• Ted Goveia told one of our scouts he wants the Halifax job. Said he would hire (Mike) O’Shea.

Interesting if true. The Blue Bombers Asst. GM says he wants the Halifax GM job and would steal the Head Coach of his current team.

Thats OK by me. Might sting slightly if Mr. Career .500 O'Shea could steal us a Grey Cup.

Goveia is a CFL rounder - who's claim to fame is recruiting Adam Bighill from his former team.

Frankly, O'Shea would be a good hire in the Maritimes. Being a players coach he'd be an attraction to lure FA players and NFL cuts. The big knock is the same - he'll live and die with inferior guys while pumping their tires (aka lying) about these guys being major leaguers. He'd also have to cobble together an above average coaching staff. But when you look at Ottawa's success after coming back as an expansion team - who knows? O'Shea might have learned a few basic life lessons during his 6 yrs in Wpg.

P.R. wise he's a bit below average - not quite the smooth talking snakeskin that Jets coach Paul Maurice is. O'Shea talks in clipped statements, never saying too much. Not a great thing for fans in a building market.

P.S. Only guy who can get O'Shea to open up more than a clam is Bombers house broadcaster Bob Irving - Irving basically serves as a caddy to bomber coaches and these guys know Bob is a very safe environment for interviews, etc.

An Irish Blooded Head Coach would be a nice fit down here. First I’d like to see where the money is going to come from to build a stadium in a province of a million people with about 250k of us working and paying taxes.

It can be done. Keep in mind when New Taylor Field was approved by Wall’s gov’t - oil was around $150 per barrel. Timing is everything. I don’t think the Sask. Gov’t would approve it now though at $35 (ish) per barrel.

Go Riders

……I could see Mike O being a good fit back east…He’s learned a lot in his time in the Peg BUT in another scenario IF he gets a sniff of the Cup (and this team is close) he might want to stay and finish the job… A win and I’d say all options for Mike would be on the table…He’s a quiet type on the sidelines …rarely gets in a fluster AND the players love him…The new club could do worse than O’Shea for sure…Might just be something to the rumour

I’m pretty sure its at $66.00 us a barrel.

Nah… They don’t even have a franchise or a stadium yet. The MiqMaw and the tree huggers haven’t shown up yet either. Believe me, they will show up.

Not to get off topic, but what they list as the price of oil and what Canada actually gets because of the discount (due to our limited ability to export our oil), the poster is not far off with his $35/barrel.

Thanks, I had no idea.

No worries about stealing coaches this year. The real bidding begins towards the middle or end of next season - assuming the coasters will have a facility in place by 2021-22

Best idea is a stadium box like Hammy or Ottawa - hold around 24k-25k (with playoff or Grey Cup expansion to 30- 32k)

Do a community build with a mixture of volunteers and pro contractors and try to build the darn thing for under $150 million - w/ the province kickin’ in 40 mill., feds around 50 mill. and the local civic govt. around 10 mill. - balance could be mortaged over next 30 to 40 years and tied into a seat tax or somesuch.

Absolutely no point in doing an over-build for a stadium which will only host 10 reg. season & pre-season games during a June to November run. Could host the odd rock concert, music festivals, giant car & boat sales, etc. but thats probably only 15 to 20 days of use out of 365. Obviously college, hi-school & special events could be held - but those wouldn’t pay squat but maybe another 15 to 25 days of use.

Wouldn’t build a ton of restaurants and bars into the facility - just some basic boxes, etc. with food & beverage providers bidding on construction leases for their own facilities - which could be accessed 365 a year. (ie. Hy’s Steak Lofts, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Original Joe’s, etc.)

Nor did I.

Build a stadium with Character. Just don’t build one like Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. Its bland and no creativity in the design.

But Argofan, from what I hear the suites and such are perfect for the people with money. Sure, the stadium might look bland with little design but it works, I've been to a few games there and it's a great facility for the most part. Would love to take in one of the suites as below. THF is just so much classier and higher-end from what I know from people that have been to both from a higher-end aspect and THF isn't a meccano thingy.

Remember, all seats at THF are individual with no rickety rackety steel crap structure holding the stadium up like at your stadium in the Centre of the Universe at BMO that reeks meccano set stuff. The NFL would put a game at THF way before BMO I bet regardless if BMO seats more.

Check out the info:

I'm NOT saying build a pumpkin patch and they will come . . . the character of a facility comes from the people and teams using it. Soldier Field in Chicago is an iconic example - a flatline facility holding over 80,000 but when the team rocks, the place rocks. Unfortunately, not much success in last couple decades.

By all means a lower cost box structure is designed primarily to be cost effective - I don't think there's an appetite to burn money for a $250 to $300 million facility like Winnipeg did, albeit mostly at the hands of a feeble-minded premier who was at the end of his rope, fighting off demons from within and just said screw it - where do I sign?

The Winnipeg facility had little to no cost & structural oversight. Thats incredibly irresponsible - in the end nearly 2/3 of the project cost has been written off by the current conservative govt. of Manitoba.

Maritime organizers should stay 10,000 miles away from any of the folks connected to the Winnipeg project - whether it be contractors, sub-contractors, architects, organizers, Winnipeg football executives who let things go south in a hurry and invisible auditors who turned a blind eye during the early and middle construction process.

Shouldn’t this thread be in the Blue Bombers forum?

Well said Lyle. Lambeau really doesn’t have as much design character as THF, Lambeau is really just an elongated bowl. But the people come, and come and come and fill the joint up and that’s what really does give the place the buzz.

Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

You are saying that Tim Horton’s Field has more design character than Lambeau Field?

I can’t imagine that you have been to both stadiums (as I have) and can make that statement seriously.

BTW, Lyle’s statement that Soldier Field seats 80,000 is way off.
Seating capacity for Chicago Bears games is 61,500.

Very true…but then one can’t say ‘when it was 150’
it is either wti/wcs or brent (generally)

hey…at least I have heard that if O’Shea does by chance hit the dusty trail this off-season (unlikely, but id a WSF tappout happens, then who knows) that they already have a leading candidate in mind…no, not Lapo

What does WSF mean?