Blue Bomber Fined for Pink Gloves!

No. They should only allow pink. It's the only one that people care about. I don't know where those other groups get off calling October their month when everyone knows it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

[/Sarcasm - in case anyone missed that]

Nice research. You're totally correct. You open the door a crack for one cause, and that door swings open for them all. And who's to say it's limited to only the causes with campaigns that month. This is a huge can of worms that the league has decided not to open.

The Bombers should wear pink tights down around their ankles for their game against Calgary. That way, they can raise awareness of breast & prostate cancer while they're getting pounded by the Stamps.

When I posted this originally, I did not question nor do I now question the correctness of the fine. I did state that the optics of this could be improved by the league donating the fine money to Breast Cancer research, which I still feel would be the best way for the CFL to handle this. Again if you going to choose this hill to die on, at least make sure that there is an outcome that doesn't make you look stupid.