Blue baffoons : Make a note

Found this interesting thread where Bomber fans predict that Calvillo is finished and the team will finish dead last while they win the division :lol:

Well, Hfx, all I can say is that we wish the soon-to-be-41 AC all the best for the upcoming season. What I read cursorily amounted to "he has to drop off sometime". That, in essence, is absolutely true. Will it be this season, however? That remains to be seen.

Secondly, we have already heard from AC in an interview early in TC camp that the new system is "complicated". Coach Hawkins only appears moderately impressed to date. Notwithstanding, the proof of the pudding, as an old adage has it, is in the eating. We will all have to wait to see what the Als and AC in particular can do this season.

For my part, I look forward with some confidence in our seasoned O-line, AC's experience, and our all-star O players who have proven themselves. There have also been significant additions to our secondary, which has been suspect over the last two seasons. We also have some good players returning on the D-line. STs remain a mystery this season, but we will have to wait and see what the new coaching staff have come up with in that regard.

So, pre-season predictions are all apeculation until the season begins. While it is fun, I tend not to get too involved in that. I have often predicted a GC parade down Ste Catherine St. only to be disappointed while in other seasons not expecting much, and being very pleasantly surprised. So, in the final analysis - who knows? At some point, the bubble will definitely burst for AC. I just hope and pray that it doesn't occur via a catatrophic career-ending injury. My hope is for him to ride off into the sunset hoisting the GC above his head, and I hope that he will do that this season!!!

Go Als go!!!!

In reading that forum I see only one poster making the definite claim that the Als will finish last with Bombers in first..
And most posters showed begrudging admiration for Calvillo I thought. they note he is getting older, may hope he retires but most were complimentary.

Certainly they were as complimentary as other teams forums are when discussing their opponents QB's.

Le bémol que j'ai lu des commentaires des joueurs à l'attaque, c'est que le nombre de nouveaux jeux à assimiler chaque jour est trop grand, et que souvent, certains joueurs n'ont même pas de répétitions pour les exécuter sur le terrain. Je crois que c'est un peu à ça que réfère Calvillo lorsqu'il dit que c'est compliqué.

Cela dit, on a entendu parler d'une attaque compliquée en 2008, avec un livre de jeux imposant et sophistiqué.

À un certain moment donné, il faut lâcher prise et faire confiance. Si ça marche, tant mieux, si ça marche pas comme on voudrait, on verra de quoi ces entraîneurs sont faits.

Il ne faut pas perdre de vue que nous connaissons la profondeur du talent de cette offensive. Ce n'est pas comme si elle n'avait rien accompli. Alors le fardeau de la preuve est sur les épaules de Hawkins et Miller, pas sur celles de cette brigade.

Dans le match intra-équipe, il semble que la défensive ait eu le dessus sur l'attaque (quoique Green, London, Whitaker et l'ancien Lion ne jouaient pas). Ça demeure une anomalie, car d'habitude, ce sont les défensives qui prennent plus de temps pour s'assembler. Mais je ne suis pas si surpris. Thorpe et Nelson sont deux bonnes têtes de défensive, et deux tête valent mieux qu'une. J'ai aussi idée que Willis n'est pas vilain non plus.

Il ne faut pas s'attendre à ce que l'équipe soit prête maintenant, sinon à quoi serviraient les camps d'entraînement? Nous verrons jeudi ce que l'équipe a sous la main pour aborder la saison 2013, et les éléments montants qui pourraient faire partie de la prochaine.

It's normal for defenses to be ahead of offenses at this time in the year, even when the team isn't dealing with a complete turnover in coaching staff. I'm not worried at the moment.

Il demeure singulier que cet oracle apocalyptique vienne d'un supporteur des Bou! Bombers. S'il y a une équipe qui a un GROS point d'interrogation au poste de quart, pour le moins, c'est bien les Bou! Bombers.


As I wrote before camp even began. This will be a work in progress. You don't master a new offense in 3 weeks. Encouraged to read that AC will get most pre-season game reps. Which is a good thing.

Agreed. We're starting from scratch again and Anthony will need all the reps he can get to be crisp out the gate. Having him behind center in preason will also help the rest of the offense get accustomed to the new playbook.

They're expecting a sellout of 33,000 for their home opener and have sold upwards of 25,000 season tix.

Now should the als win and make them look like baffoons i'm hoping we get at least 23,000 for our home opener to show some appreciation.

We might finish ahead of them in standings but definitely not in attendance. Of course that's understandable seeing as we are in the most european society in north america and we all know how NFL Europe worked out.

at least we made PTI once. I could watch this over and over again.

.....Wouldn't be too hasty in writing off A.C....He still makes the Als. a tough competitor...All bets are off if you have to insert your back-ups.. :wink:

Like every other team Papa...

The same scenario/deduction applies to: Toronto,Hamilton,BC and Saskatchewan. All these teams would be in trouble if their number 1 QB gets hurt. I even say that they would be in a worse situation than Montreal.

For years, Montreal opponents have been saying/writing that the Als are too old and the current year-year after year- will be difficult/they will finish last. Montreal remains one of the best team in the League.


Chris Schultz had an interesting article on the Als today. He points out that the defense and special teams (with stats) backing him up were dead last in the league and exemplifies the Trestman era for me. Genius on offense but completely inept in the other two phases of the game. And we still won the division. This IMO is where the Als season will play itself out. The offense will put up the points. Your not going to have a bad offense with the weapons and size on that offense. But if we can shorten the field a bit, have special teams and defense put up as much points and field position as they give up. Just “average” instead of being last, this team will be competitive. If the defense is dominant watch out.

C'est comme ça que je vois les choses, et c'est ce pourquoi je m'interroge sur la ligne défensive.

Pour qu'une défensive soit dominante, elle doit être constante et efficace dans sa pression sur le quart, et être performante dans sa défense contre le jeu au sol. Ça, ça commence à la ligne défensive.

Je me demandais qui remplacerait Rod Davis comme secondeur en mode pression (oublions la saison de 2012 de Davis, tout le monde a eu une année surréaliste sous la houlette de Reinebold). Hebert semble être le gars qui va y parvenir, et il a ce qu'il faut pour réussir. Il a le talent, la robustesse et l'expérience pour y arriver.

Bowman, Cash and Hopkins is a really good start, the question is who is the other bookend ? I have a feeling the Als know what they want to do there but are keeping it close to the vest.

This is what I've been saying. If defense and ST can be average, we'll be right in the mix for the division. The lat time D was dominant and ST was good, we went 15-3. The bar has been set really low the past few years...

Agreed. Much rather see the team sort out the wrinkles at the beginning of the season and come on strong down the stretch and into the playoffs than the opposite, starting strong then stumble at the end.

Genius on offense but as we have all said before, three facets to the game. Was very surprising (for me anyway) that he never took the other two facets of the game seriously. Imagine if they had a decent ST unit and stronger D... maybe another GC ring. Water under the bridge.

He got away with it because Burke was a veteran coach and we fielded an insane defense in 2009. 2010 the D was up and down but came together when it counted. After Burke left, it all went downhill. Trestman was so wrapped up in the offense that he couldn't do anything to help Tibesar. And the decision to hire Reinebold was a disaster. Trestman was fine when it came to hiring minions but he was a poor judge of coordinators.