... Blue attempting to trade Glenn

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are attempting to trade starting quarterback Kevin Glenn
this headline in the Wpg Sun that was just posted…the fun begins!

Although when you read the article its not very clear...probably we'll know more by tomorrow

…sorry guy…i started my post a second after yours…anyway…you are right…fun begins…speculation is that he;s going to be moved to sask. :roll:

no problem don;t worry about it...guess we were both scanning the wire at the same time.

he wants to go to hamilton or TO. i like the fact kelly got lefors but i ain't sold on him getting the starter job just because

Now here are the big questions Bomber fans:

  1. If you were to trade him to Hamilton, who on the Cats' roster would you like in returrn?

  2. If you were to trade him to Toronto, who on the Argos' roster would you like in return?

Try to keep it reasonable too, considering what you are trading................like don't expect Lumsden, Rodriguez, and 10 draft picks for Glenn from Hamilton.............or Arland Bruce, Dorsey, and KJ from the Argos. Something reasonable.......

well u ask good questions and i agree u ain;t getting the farm with glenn. but for starters i don;t want lumsden. the guy in 4 seasons hasn;t even put up 600 yards because of injuries when we have ried, smith, and a good prospect in stephenson.

from hamilton, maybe steal some olineman dependant of who we resign on the line as most are close to being fa’s. from toronto db’s and or safties. our secondary has been none existant the last few seasons but toronto seems to land good db’s from year to year. get a vet and help our defence. i think the 4 qb;s in lefors, randall, dinwiddie, and chang has the most promising development ion the cfl and i kept saying its time we make a qb not buy one.

…from the hammer…Tre Smith…or George Hudson
…from T.O…NOBODY… :lol: …
…from Mont…Cox…or Boulay…
and a trade would greatly depend on who we are sending them in return MadJack… :wink:

Off topic papa, limit it to Toronto and Hamilton, since those appear to be Glenn's top choices.........

I seriously doubt Montreal would be interested in Glenn at all, and I do think Hamilton and Toronto might both be willing to look at him as a backup...............

And no, even if the Als were in the market, no way would they trade either Cox or Boulay for him...........draft pick or two max I should suspect.


#1. Lets go Porter for Glenn and Sherdian

#2. I say Bruce and Joesph for Glenn, Armstrong and Sherdian

Only reason I wouldn't mind Joesph is because the guy is not a cancer just didn't play well and needed a coach to help him out which Kelly can do no doubt about it but you could look at the other side and Joesph is getting old so the option only helps for Now not the future. It all depends what approach Kelly is going for buying a championship or buying for the future.

  1. Unrealistic, no way is Hamilton going to move Porter, they seem him, rightly or wrongly time will tell, as their future.

  2. If I were you, I wouldn't move Armstrong.

Keeping it realistic, they're the two worst teams in the league for a reason, even at that, Glenn isn't going to fetch you much. I'd settle for a current NI project, 2nd round draft pick, or even a neg list player.

from torotno id want ronald flemmons and a 2nd round pick... reason id want flemmons is simple... if kelly is truly planning on going to a 3-4, we need the best defensive ends we could get our hands on with doug in the middle to even hope to still have a dominant defensive line... more competition = better players

from hamilton i wouldnt mind jykiene bradly or geoff tisdale... i would like either of them but i dont think obie would part with them, so lawrence gordon and a 2nd rounder would do fine

your not going to get the farm for Glenn as was previously stated, of coarse i would like someone like jonathon brown from TO, who has proven he could be dominant in a 3-4, or even rial johnson.... or naughtyn mckay loscher or arland bruce... etc we simply wont get any of those guys

....we must remember through all of this ...Glenn is a starting qb. in this league....someone worthwhile has to be coming our way...I would hate to see him go for' future considerations'.... :oops:

Yes papa but there's where your rookie HC now playing at being GM has made a big boo=boo. Because he came out and publicly stated he was going to try to trade Glenn, he depressed his market value. He should have kept his big mouth shut, might have gotten value for a starter.................now all he's likely to get will be a role player and a pick..........since the trading partners know he's kind of desperate to move him.

...i have to agree with you to a point MadJack....BUT....I know this is a cut-throat business sometimes....however i truly believe Kelly was taking the high road here....He wanted to give Glenn the straight bill of goods and let him get on with his career...I don't know how you would have kept the fact that Kevin was going to be moved, when a lot of people were starting to wonder and ask questions about our starting pivot for 09...couple that with the fact he was due a big bonus in March...something had to be done.... also Glenns worth is known pretty well around the league...We might not get exactly what we should for him...but i guess thats the chance Kelly is willing to take ...There has been talks all weekend, with the hammer, apparently.....I have a hunch that this deal concerns more than just Glenn for ...whomever????....This could work out for all concerned... :wink:

well i did my research and apparentl ronald flemmons is due to become a free agent.... so i will change that to a couple picks... i have no idea who id realistically want from TO to be honest... besides, it doesnt look like hes headed that way anyway

Everyone in Winnipeg suddenly thinks Glenn is awesome as soon as he's due to be traded. News flash: he is due a big bonus the Bombers don't want to pay, and he was told he's not welcome in Winnipeg any more. Consequently, that = either a backup player or a second round draft choice at most coming back your way in a trade with Hamilton.

Unless it's a multi-player deal, that is.

Wrong, Kelly has said, if he can't trade him, he will be at training camp just like the rest of them. Any potential trade at this time, is to try to accommodate Glenn, who wants to be as close to his business in Detroit as he can get.

Anyway Kelly is dealing with Obilovich so I'm pretty sure the Ticats are going to get hosed again. But as we've seen since the Moreno "hustle" not too many teams interested in dealing with Winnipeg, these things have a way of evening out.