Blows my Mind

I can not believe how bodog has odds as to who will be the starting QB for the new Ottawa team next year.. Everyone including the tsn panel think these guys are the next coming of Moon, Allen or Danny Mac.. Panel these guys have started ONE game, chances are they're going to put up good numbers cause no one knows how to prepare for these guys because no one has seen them. I am willing to wager whatever your willing to lose Dunigan that by wk 10 maybe one is still starting and you'll be talking about how ottawa will most likely choose a vet to run the offence.. You guys are comical..

I 100% agree teams did not know how to prep, but was stunning was their composure and confidence. Throwing into pretty good coverage like a vet and making it look like it wasn't a "gee, I hope" pass, sidestepping pressure, managing the team....

As far as the is their job to invoke excitement, and that is what they are doing. They are drawing people into something that is pretty interesting and selling it. Would you rather they be "big deal, it is just one game?"

I think you're misunderstanding completely here. We're talking about their potential here. No one is praising them as the next coming of Moon, Allen, or Calvillo, like you say. With only one or two games under their belt, no one can predict yet where they'll be a few years from now, but we can speculate! That's the whole point of this excitement; there is so much speculation to be had about which of these QBs will continue to shine, and which ones will burn out. You have to give a guy credit when he performs well, and Mitchell, Collaros, Willy and Goltz have all shown something to be excited about.

Hence, when the guys on the panel like Dunigan start assessing these guys and talking about which ones are most likely to become starters in the league, they're not saying it as though it were fact; they're speculating! And that's just one of the fun things about sports; there's always a new guy in the wing ready to try and prove himself better than the greats.

I agree with you, but like the OP I thought it was a pretty stupid question for 3 downs.

Collaros and Goltz haven't seen much action, but Willy and Bo Levi have both gotten in to a number of games in their careers so far and have shown decent. I've been impressed with Mitchell since he was only the short yardage guy in Calgary, his potential is obvious.

Why wouldn’t bodog have odds on that? It’s something people can bet on.

And what vet do you think should run the offense? The only ones likely to be available are Buck Pierce, Kevin Glenn, Kerry Joseph, and maybe Drew Tate. Given the option of building a team around a young guy or one of those, it’s not exactly a hard choice.

Go to Vegas if you think is a odd bet :lol:

Can't speak for anyone else, but every time I have seen Collaros and Mitchell, they have done nothing but impress. They don't look like rookies and it's not just a case of a young QB chucking the ball down field and getting lucky. I could be wrong but I see both of them having long, productive careers as starters in this league (if they stay healthy).

Like to see a start by Collaros in a real game not a practice. Played well last week, but BC was so bad a 6 year year old could have dissected their defense and evaded whatever it was they were trying to pass off as a pass rush and tackling. It was so bad I eventually turned the game off.

What he did do was good, but how well will he stand up against a good defense. I agree he does have great potential, but still not fully proven for me.

in fairness DC, the Lions provided about as much heat as they normally have been this season. The big pass rush of the past couple of seasons is not their style now...rather they attempt to simply play on a team's mistakes.

Were tackles missed on him...sure, but he played a big part in that, which is impressive from a first time pro starter any way you look at it...sloppiness included.

I am definitely with you and most others though...I hope Ray is fine, but I really want to see more from this guy. Is playing the Als when you are but one game ahead the time to do that...probably want your vets, because the Als will be playing with a massive fire that week!

This is nothing new. Look how they continue pumping up Drew Tate as if he was a great QB.

Not to take anything away from what he did. I was impressed with his game, and I know BC's defense has changed but last week was bad even by Edmonton standards this season. By far the worst tackling (if you can call some of it that) this year. He may get his chance in Toronto, with Ray starting to go Tate-ish the last 2 seasons he may only have a few years left.

Would have been nice to have had one of those guys wearing orange and black. If Lulay goes down I don't have a whole lot of confidence in DeMarco, not at this time.
These guys have great potential and look pretty darn good but rest assured the opposition will make adjustments....or get embarrassed if they don't! :thup:

You have Wally, I'm thinking his track record may be .....not to shabby with coming up with qb's ! Think you will be alright . Try Joe Mack , then let me know :smiley:

I seriously don't think the cats will protect Burris, He's up in age and feel they will go in a different direction, and I maybe crazy but I have a gut feeling the argos don't protect Ray. If Ray is available Ottawa takes him to start but if not they will take Burris

Yes, Wally has done a great job finding good QBs. I think this year is a little different compared to previous years. I'm not confident in Elliot or DeMarco taking over the reigns if Lulay goes down with a serious injury. I'm sure the other teams know that if they can get to Lulay enough times and ring his bell enough times they have a much better chance of beating the Lions. The good news is that Lulay is resilient and tough and can take a good hit. Too many "good" hits? Even Lulay is not the man of steel.

Remember this post when you clowns had Willy's for all the back up's, and remember me says guys chill its only been one game well look at how the future QB's of the Cfl have turned out. GARBAGE, everyone of them.. These are guys are no names who never takin a snap in the league and then there put in, D's have no idea about these guys so of coarse they probably going to do well. As soon as the coaches get some film and find their strong pts they make the adjustments.. Kinda funny that 3rd or 4th stringer down the QE now can't even complete a pass.. So you can all put your Willy's down and leave it to the vets. This is not a league a young redneck american QB can just come in and play, its a different game up here. Bet everyone thought when Ricky Williams came up he would rush for 3000 yds..

Sorry. I disagree. Ricky Ray will be protected by Toronto.

Aren't we just full of ourselves. :roll: So because they're young inexperienced QB's they don't stand a chance of being the next Moon, Allen or Danny Mac? And where exactly did those guys get all that valuable CFL experience before thay became league stars?

Congratulations on pumping up your ego, but remember this post in a few years when some of these guys are stars in the league. You were an arrogant boob and the panel, 3 former pros who's opinion I'll take over an internet blow hard, were right. Might I remind you, or inform you as you sound like you might be too young to remember, one Anthony Calvillo was one of the worst QB's in the league his first 5 years. I think he's managed to grow into the Canadian game don't you? :roll: