In the first 11 games of the CFL season, 6 games have been decided by a margin of 20 points or more. What's happening?

Is this an anomaly or is there something fundamental to the game that is causing contests to tilt in one direction with leads quickly becoming insurmountable? I wouldn't think much of it had it not been for two teams (Calgary & Saskatchewan) having already been both a victim and victor in different blowout games.

Are defenses becoming that good that they can shut down an offense, create turnovers and never even give the opposition a chance once drawing first blood? There appears to be an absence other than 2 or 3 games of lead changes after the first quarter.

Maybe it is just that it is early in the season. Teams like Saskatchewan and Calgary that had blowout victories in the first 2 weeks may have just had obvious weaknesses exposed that weren't ovbious without the benefit of a video history in preparation. Hence Calgary's 49-8 and 48-15 defeats in weeks 2 and 3 while Saskatchewan just went down 42-12 this week.

Normally the defences have it over offences early in the season, until the O can figure out what the D's are doing. Offensive production usually goes up after 5 or 6 games into the season.

Another factor is the tremendous athletes on D we have today and the sophisticated defensive schemes they employ. Many CFL teams have masterminds on D and are shutting down the O's so far.

It seems 200 yds passing is a good game now. I wouldn't panic, but I'm sure the CFL will after the Toronto media starts hounding them about boring games. The league will probably come out with a kneejerk cure which is worse than the sickness (like banning blocking from the side on kick returns and sewing the stripes on the ball to fix the slippery painted on ones, and now they penalize shanked punts into the wind?) :wink:

Blowouts don't bother me. Neither do low-scoring games. What would bother me is shootout after shootout. I want good, competitive football! If that means low-scoring, then thats OK by me.

Couldn't agree more. To me big shoot out games are a sign of pathetic defense. It goes both ways .

I don't always think blowouts are just because of poor defence. I believe poor offence has played a role too. Turnovers have played a big factor in many of the blowouts this season. Saskatchewan allowed less than 200 total yards on defence but B.C. generated 7 turnovers giving their offence a short field.

In the Saskatchewan-Calgary game and Calgary-Toronto game turnovers played a key role.

Teams are capatilizing on the short fields.