After attending the game in Guelph against Winnipeg last week and pulling out a victory this team is right back to their old ways, Kent says injuries are just excuses well if that is the case with 50% of the Cat starters injured this team STINKS! I will not be attending next week in Guelph after today's BLOWOUT to Regina 37 to 0 unless there is an absolute miracle within the next week and the Cats sign three import receivers with 4.5 speed for Hank to throw to this team is done and Regina will go undefeated in five games and Hamilton will share the basement again in the CFL east with Winnipeg??

Great game for Regina today and the Ex-Tiger-Cats like Williams, McElveen and Cortez got their wish a real whipping of Hamilton!!

I guess you won't be chasing Johnny around the forum tonight :cowboy:

Yes, you got that one right, Johnny and I and Cat fans are in the same boat but at least Montreal has some receivers??

I would take Montreal's crushing loss last night,because at least you can make the case that there is light at the end of the tunnel,over the abomination I just witnessed...


What light????

Same dribble different week!



I meant light at the end of the tunnel for Montreal...

For us?...Same old/same old...

"Don't worry,be happy now..."

Its pretty crazy to have 78 guys on the roster and no option other than Gables.

We made Sask look like the F@#$ Eagles. Even that lamo Schultzy picked it right. :oops: :twisted:

I don't think even Moncton wants this team
Well at least when ottawa joins we might finish in second last..

I go back to the same issue.
where is our scouting

We can't wait for nfl then we should be 2 and 7

Remember the line about someone throwing a party and no one coming..well mr caretaker..sure looks like this club is really setting the tone for next year Some party..some team....I've been a fan for 50 years..and since mr young took's gotten worse..I don't blame bob. His hearts in the right's the president and others who have done an abysmal job of building this laughing stock of a team into what it is today.

Well at least being aligned with Tim hortons and their donuts

the team shares one tragic similarity

a lot of dough made into something with a big fat zero at the heart of it.. :cowboy: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I can't believe that we cannot find any replacement receivers for our injured players on offense Henry has no one to throw to only Bakari, Chevy, Ellingson and Giguere but only Grant and Ellingson are getting open on routes but nothing major? We need some speed at wide out and Fantuz will not make a change to the team all by himself, we need receivers what the heck is McManus doing as our American Scout playing golf? Get some receivers in quick even with the healthy ones back we are still in trouble!!!

Another typical game from the Scott Mitchell era.

And I meant WHAT light for Montreal??

And the dribble.... is yours :roll:

Durant was safer out there then he would have been in a hospital bed.

Some thoughts

Special teams were pathetic....

Lamar muffs opening kickoff, loses yards on punt return (and drops an easy catch on offense for a probable big gain again!)
Bartel sucked.
McKnight sucked worse than Congi

No pass rush, Durant had lots of time, all too often.

Walker still showing he does not know how to gain yards when running

Giguere drops balls, runs wrong routes, and gets tackled just by the defender looking at him.

Durant showed Burris how to play QB

Durant --- nice TD passes to receiver behind coverage, Burris -- same circumstance throws interception
Durant throws ball away when no one open, Porter, I mean Burris, holds on too long and takes sacks.

Coaching -

  • punt on 3rd & 1, then tries and fails on a longer 3rd&1 and a half.
    Cortez -- Another brilliant offensive performance,

I thought this team had all too frequent personnel turnover year in, year out, but week in, week out?
Who are all these newbies who get a starting job just mere days after they're signed?

All this is, is Austin starting from scratch. This is gonna take time if he is given time

Same old, same old.

It's to the point now that our group has the best laughs watching the Tiger-Cats play. Those that remained anyway. They've stopped worrying, and started being happy.

No Kidding Darian Durant looked pretty healthy to me, I think the foot boot was BS, to throw the Cats off and make it seem like he wouldn't play, instead he came in and kicked the Cats butts!!

Boyd or Avon ?Hey caretaker Any room , are we near the Salary Cap :wink: $$$

The last part is the key...

This team has to be rebuilt from the ground up.This game underscored that.We are talent deficient at so many positions,even at full strength,and it's obvious unless we play..Winnipeg...

People are already calling for Austin's head but he's got next to nothing to work with.The defence was bad last year,and other than the first 2 quarters today,was bad again.The offence is being led by an aging QB on the downside of his career,that has a poor O-Line,and weak RB personnel...

Beyond that,we have a weak return game that seems to be prone to mistakes and mediocre placekicking...

We have a poor scouting department that cannot seem to evaluate talent properly...

And we have an owner who last week claimed everything was A-OK by saying "Don't worry,be happy now..."and said that although the last 10 years have not been stellar,we are on an upswing...

I assume he really meant that?

I do hope this front office can give Austin the tools and personnel he requires to turn this team around,but,it's going to be a long process...This year should a be solely for talent evaluation going into next year with the prime objective of making this team a sustainable winner...

Not so fast kimosabe :wink:

Austin inherited a record breaking, league leading offense, as well as a superb Special teams ( FG, punts, return game, and coverage)

All that needed drastic change was the absolutely atrocious D

8) Exactly right Capt. They could have kept Cortez, and hired a decent Def. Coord. and some decent D players.

I hear ya' but Burris is no longer a long term proposition...On top of that,the O-line really isn't that good...On top of that,and what is glaringly obvious,we do not have sufficient talent with any of our rb's...

Mr. Williams is gone from the return game...Bartel isn't bad,I just think he had an off night...Placekicking is a problem right now...

The D is a 3 year project of proper talent evaluation and plugging in the personnel to fit the scheme being run...

There's many reasons we are this bad,James T. ...