blown calls!

there were bad calls on both teams. chick didnt need to hit burris. he had control of the ball just needed to touch him...he dove into his head...they are going to call that everytime

Extremely Weak penalty on Chick , BUT WHO CARES.

The Riders just played their best game of the year, are peaking at the right time, and look unbeatable.

1st place will be ours.

firstly again its not a weak call chick knows better and shouldnt have put himself in position to get called. also, was it not a tie? you look unbeatable? but you didnt win either how is number one yours for sure when both teams are so level. were you even watching the game?

They didn't lose, so tonight they were, in fact, unbeatable. :wink:

didnt help my proline ticket either

haha true i guess :stuck_out_tongue: and honestly i was at the game and that was the biggest concern for almost everyone lol it was kinda funny and weird to not hear someone chearing lol never personally witnessed a tie in football before lol its almost harder to take than a loss

Vanstone is quick to print that he thought the call on Chick was a fair call.

I do too. If the officials did not call it, I would have thought the 'Riders would have gotten away with one. True the helmet yanking thing was ugly to watch, but I do not think it was a facemask or intentional.

The league long ago, made a decision to protect all QBs in the league including, Hank Burris (unfortunately). We know that from other games. The officials saw Chick's hit as unnecessary, which it probably was when all he would have had to do was touch Hank and the play would have been dead. But fired up teams get penalties just like the Riders did for the first 5 minutes of the game till someone tuned them in on the side lines.

well said ^^^ and the fantuz helmet ordeal was weird but it was not a facemask. you watch after that tho they will adjust the wording to add grabbing the helmet lol they should tho that looked painful!

The reffing was tragic!! Two huge call sand were lucky they appealed the one where Chick spiked the ball from Burris and then sacked him! No forward motion at all,as for the hit on Burris he was still "live" so go in and touch him??!! Hell Chick and the rest of the guys play only one way Full throttle!! Burris has burned us and a lot of other teams by his mobility he was trying to get back up when Chick hit him! Its was great sack and possibly the worse blown call this season! The league should address this and that guy shouldn't ref any more games this year!!

When Chick tackled Burris, I was looking for the flag and there it was. Now if it was called roughing the passer, there would not have been an automatic first down. Would have been 3 and alot. It was the unnecesary roughing call that gave them the first down. But now the game is over and we stole 3 out of 4 points out of Calgary. I feel good about a home game in the western final. Go Riders

HE WAS ON HIS BACK IN THE FETAL POSITION, YOU HAVE TO PROTECT THE QBS all of them even calgarys, stupid play by chick that cost you the win

I was at the game.

If it was after the play, it was 15 yards from the end of the play ( 55 yrd line --> 40 yd line ) --- if it was during the play -- IT WAS NOT UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS AND NOT A PENALTY -- just finishing a tackle. 15 yds from point of last scrimmage ( 47 yd line --> 32 ) shouldn't have been an option. From my understanding of the rulebook -- it wasn't. I'm gonna complain about the implementation, not the penalty. That 8 yds could make a difference ( we spent our challenge over 7 yds ).

That, and some brutal spots. Took away from the overall game experience.

I still freaking hate that pass interference can breach the half-the-distance penalty limit. That has to go. Complete BS those 1st down from the 1 yd line PI penalties.

Geez, must have been a good after-party. Was a good game, too.

1st place, baby --- GO RIDERS!!!

You obviously have not been watching football is not ballet...HB was not down and chick fell on him..did not lead with the helmet..not a dirty tackle..he simply made the play and the rider got screwed and if people can't see that I honestly feel sorry for them

terrible call! this lessens the cfl

omg yeah ive been playing football all my life and am still now and i was at the game henry was down on his back all someone had to do was touch him. read the rule book before accusing me of knowing nothing, if the qb is down and just needs to be touched down, and the defensive player takes a shot at him it will be called everytime. blame the refs all you like, but it was john chick that ultimately cost you that win. id be more dissapointed with him but no one on the riders team ever does anything wrong, not the vets anyways the refs obviously like calgary more and like burris. and he is a pansy youre right never runs the ball always stays down after the hit. youre never going to agree cause you wouldnt care if he had grabbed henry by the mask and flung him around you would say that the refs were out to get you i cant believe someone would complain about such close exciting game. and about spots what about the 3rd down stop. you LOST yards and still they spot you farther ahead. nothing will ever be good or even for you guys till you win lol :stuck_out_tongue: even if you didnt deserve it. i dont think seeing a team win that game would have been the proper ending to such a hard fought battle between two teams

No whistle makes Whiny Hank a LIVE player, meaning, Super Hank could get up and run, or , like most of the game elude tackles, even when he was in the grasp of Eddie Davis ( a play where most refs would have blowin the play dead to save the QB from injury ) The Hankinator was given the oportunity to make a play, because Hank does just that, makes something out of nothing.

If it was Eddie Davis landing on Holy Hank there would have been NO penalty.

Unfortunately it's a discretionary call, and Hanky Hank has managed to whine and cry his way into the hearts of CFL officials.

Strange that Pierce gets beaten harder then a Pinata and never a roughing call he get.

Cuthbert - "But it is football isn't it?".............nuff said

Look at the video and tell me Chick had time to see that Burris wasn't getting up but falling to the ground and pull up...?

Judgment call, but the ref should have kept the flag in the pocket in a game in overtime. Burris was obviously ok cause he jumped up and started whining.

Obviously you are a Calgary fan and are biased. I think it was a bad call. And I'm slightly biased too. But really, since you are a coach, if one of your players got flagged for that, tell me you wouldn't be up in arms...

Ummm he was on his back in the fetal position? Holding a live football in overtime? Let me guess did he also have his thumb in his mouth?

Someone shoulda told him the game wasn't over yet.

Jakob...if you truly are a coach I have one thing to say....


would have to agree cranky wanky hanky 9 times outa 10 will get his way when hes in the refs ear
well spanky hanky hope you where extra thick panties when you come to our town cause the grounds hard here in november and I can bet you CHICKABOOM,3BAGSSFULL,CHUNKARAMA and SHOALLY BUT SURELY not to mention linebackers will let you greet it aplenty
P.S sorry to all out there in advance if the blackford crashed car does the game for tsn maybe they will comeup with a better saying than hellacious hit how bout WOW HANK IS SURE GETTIN PUMELLED OUT THERE TONIGHT
glad to say I will be at the game to watch it live

:lol: :lol: