blown calls!

What kind of call is that on chick! is this not a football game!

I'm not sure what you were watching, but it most certainly WAS a football game, and a damned good one at that...I think you meant it was a brutal call...

He was asking whether this is tackle or touch football, cause I think the refs forgot which we were playing there.

Well, perhaps he should specify "touch or tackle" next time, instead of making a statement that looks completely ridiculous.

I think it was the punctuation that threw you off..."Is this not a football game" really required a ? instead of !

Oh, it didn't throw me off at all. I just hate drama queens.

I really think that the ref's in this case single handedly stole the game from Saskatchewan at a very key time in the overtime quarter. It really stunk and smacks of over controlling the play on the field.

That was interesting. Certainly not the first bad call of the season ! Chick sees a live ball, falls over the quarterback to free the ball so his teammate can pick it up and score the game winning TD. The referee whistles the ball dead and assesses a 15 yard penalty on what was an outstanding defensive play.

I also especially liked the part where the Calgary player attempted to remove Fantuz's helment via the facemask 5 feet from the official staring directly at the play in question with a clear line of sight and there's no penalty. I don't think there was much of an impact throughout the game by the officials overall, but that was borderline in OT and it's one of those plays where they should keep the flag in the pocket.

I have thought the refing this year has been good except this game it was brutal on both sides of the ball, refs definetly stole this one away from the Riders, best game this year minus the refs.

The reffing in this game was brutal. :x Not only on the Burris call but the missed Fantuz facemask, the missed no-yards call on the Stamps on their final punt in the 4th qtr. the missed "spear" on Durant in the 2nd qtr. The CFL had better address the zebras issue as they have blown calls consistently all year and today they may have cost the Riders 1st place. Total B.S.!

Burris wears a skirt didn't you know cfl officiating sucks buck pierce i9s nailed every game and no calls it sucks but live with it its the cfl bush league

okay relax one real bad game of refing most of the yera has been good, nothing compares to the horrible refing in the No Fun League, it was very bad this game and should be addressed

Kind of a hypocritical statment, don't ya think? well do you?

Yes, I think. No, I don't think it's hypocritical at all.

like I said before hopefully the officiating will get better we will be watching the winipeg game with special interest I jkust wondering what the treatment of Pierce will be

There were a couple missed calls, but other than that, the officiating wasn't too bad, I thought. Good teams find ways to overcome calls that don't go their way.

Drama Queen? not sure about that one but everyone to their own opinion. i was simply stating a point. this is tackle football, and though i don't disagree with protecting the QB's a bit, they aren't made of glass. This was by far the best back and forth game of the year. 2 really good teams going at it full tilt with lots of big plays and lots of emotion. Football at its best.

My whole point is that the flags should stay in the pocket, especially in OT. Let the players decide the game except on obvious calls

all in all, great game and super fun to watch.

now to explain to the wife why there is a whole in the basement ceiling after the game....(jumped to high when we tied it up) :oops:

I know it's tackle football, and I completely understand your point, but I very much dislike the berezin99-wannabe comments so many people are throwing out over a couple missed calls during what was a very entertaining game. Far more positives than negatives were in this game.

i quite agree. i wasn't mad about any other calls in the game. it was a great game. but when they earned 2 sacks in OT only to be overturned that is a little ridiculous.

This is one wild wild west!