Blown call in the endzone

Anyone else see a blown call by the officials in the endzone against Calgary or was I seeing things!

Which one? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

seen about 3 or 4 and those are just the ones in the endzone...

Blown call...interference on Bruce three times....even Forde questioned two of them, including the one in the end zone...

Blown call....blatant clip on Marius on the wide field goal return...right in front of the ref.....directly responsible for the last 30 yards of the explanation forthcoming I'm sure...pathetic...

Absolutely digusting. I don't usually blame the refs but that was ridiculous.

Yawn. We lost because our kicker choked twice and Bob young continues his experiment with Canadian Head Coaches that are consistently outcoached. That series leading up to the 3rd down pass to Bruce was a farce. We deserved to loose this game.

Yawn?? Really?? Well, had the refs made the correct call on the 3rd down play, the Cats and their Canadian coach would have probably won the game.......that IS why we lost....
I'm off now to watch BC and their Canadian coach play Saskatchewan....hopefully Wally can learn something from the Americans in the league...

lol...Note that I said Canadian Head Coaches that can't in Marcel B. The "call" you're referring to was marginal at best. For someone a little less biased it was a reasonable non call. Marcel and Sandro choked...Blame the refs if you want, but it's getting to be an old story from a team that in their best years is mediocre and most years stinks (at least for the last 20 years or so).

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usually losses don't bother me this much but when the refs are doing everything in their power to push things Calgary's way and we lose by ONE point, that's something that's going to make me hate Proulx and crew for a LONG time. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I just got home and checked out the penalties(pvr'd the game). The calls are as bad as I thought...The last one on Sam was brutal. It cost them the game.

Let the players decide the game, not the officals. CFL officials are probably the worst in any sport. I can't get over how they missed so much. The officials from this game should be fired. It was an entertaining game that was ruined by the blown calls.

Probably the worst game I've seen for calls.......

The "call" was not marginal...and an unbiased announcer...Duane Forde ...said well as another non-call on interference on Bruce...again as per Mr. Forde....and the absolutely inexcusable non call on the clipping on the wide field goal...these are not debatable....they are clear to anyone who knows the rules...

I agree with most, the refs were the worst I have seen in yrs. They litterly threw this game to a western team.

blaming the refs is a cheap excuse when u only score 1 offensive td. just sayin.

Agreed. Ref bashing is for losers

Why do you think we couldn't score?
Couldn't be that missed PI calls kept ending our drives early could it?
Couldn't be that that's what we're mad about could it?
The 40+ yard bomb from Glenn to whatever WR where that WR got mauled early with the DB not looking was probably the biggest.That set up a FG try for Sandro that he missed and it got returned to about the Hamilton 7 instead of what it should been which was PI and ball inside the 15.
That cost us points and gave Calgary the go ahead points.
That was just one of the severely blown calls today.

A good football team will recover from these bad calls. The officiating stunk but we stunk even more. Two missed field goals, again some very bad play calling and the defence not coming through. Yes the officiating was bad but they did not lose the game the team lost a game they should have won.

Actually a good football team lost today because of the countless bad calls made by the worst refs in professional sports.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Year after year Andre Proulx continues to show why he is, without a doubt, the single worst official in pro sports. His and his crew's level of incompetence is astounding.

The Cats lost this game for a couple of reasons, but the missed calls by the referees made this game feel like a 2010 World Cup game. Those non-calls on Bruce were beyond atrocious. It wasn't entirely the zebras fault, when you have three cracks at the end zone from two yards in, you need to get six.

That said, I knew as soon as I saw Proulx, that the officials were going to screw something up, and lo and behold, they did... more than once.

If you can't punch it in from the 1yd line and your kicker misses two field goals you don't deserve a victory and why throw the ball 15 yds into the endzone when it was 3rd down why not just a short pass. Every team gets bad calls. Wake Up boys or it will be another long season

Because at that point in the play it was probably the last available read and he thought Bruce might be able to come down with it.

As bad as the missed calls were, we lost this game because of 2 missed fg's. It's honestly that simple. we lost by 1pt, so if we hit one of the 2 missed fg's we win.

This team isn't as bad as some are making it out to be.