Blown away by TSN's coverage of the 97th GC

TSN is giving us awesome coverage of the Canada's greatest Sports Event

That's a whole lot of content and you see the care love that was put in to this programming ! Live with the teams for their walkthrough ! Wow !

Thanks to everyone involved at TSN. :thup:

Agreed. This is terrific. CBC may have hockey day in Canada and Soccer day in Canada, but TSN has Football week in Canada.

This is terrific, with the Vanier Cup, Grey Cup, Awards show, fan forum, state of the league address. This is outstanding!

I sure as hell hope the feed is better for the Grey Cup than it is for the Vanier Cup..BRUTAL :thdn:

No, I don't want to go back to CBC :stuck_out_tongue:

But the coverage has been absoultely amazing. Hats off to TSN..well other than the Vanier Cup so far...

it was better last year, as the v-cup wasnt right in the middle of the coverage during saturday. but its still really good this year.

Since TSN has taken over as the sole TV broadcaster of the CFL, there has been MANY complaints about their coverage especially on this forum. TSNs coverage of the Canadian Football League the past two years has been nothing but great. The coverage of Grey Cup has been outsanding. TSN has treated Grey Cup week like it's the greatest anual sporting event in the world. Better than the Super Bowl, The Stanley Cup finals, the World Series and the NBA finals!

Hats off to you TSN for doing a tremendous job of covering a league that because of you will continue to grow in popularity and will continue to be a staple in the greatest country in the world.

dang, i thought this was about a replay of the 97gc, instead of being about the 97TH gc.

I don't quite understand the complaints either, it has been very good. My only complaint is that they should refresh their panels. I've never quite understood why it has to become a job for life. Like at the Vanier Half time Dunnigan says to Climie that the GG are done when they are down by maybe two scores. GG comes back and wins the game. I think at least one of the guys should be a guest panelist every week and that they should make these jobs 3 years maybe 5 at the most.

I agree with you.

I've alway thought Dunnigan was a little bit of a egotistical tool. I would like to see Milt take his spot with Schultz, Clime and Randorff next year. I think that those four would make a great weekly panel.

The problem is talent. The pool in Canada is kind of small. There's no one from CBC worth bringing over, and bringing in retired players doesn't always work. Look at Milt Stegal. He was a ways to go before he'll be a good panelist.

I don't mind the panel. Yes, they can be annoying and repetitive sometimes, but they also know their football. I look forward to seeing Stegall become a bigger part of the team as he obviously has presence in front of the camera despite being still raw. The person I want gone is Rod Black. Please, TSN. I'm begging you. No more Black for CFL broadcasts. He's brutal. Gord Miller only sees spot duty as a CFL commentator, but he's still about 100 times better than Rod "I'll mention the NFL any chance I can even though this is a CFL game" Black.

Is it just me, or did Smilin' Hank look right at home sitting at the desk?... I think he should join the panel when he retires in a few years. I totally agree that TSN is doing the best job ever of covering the Grey Cup. I may not have agreed with everything they have done in the past, but they have always done a good job... & now they are blowing my freaking mind!!!

I'm so pumped up about tomorrow that I think I just pooped a little in my pants. :rockin:

.....I have to agree...TSN is finally getting it....This is a (the) premiere event in Canada and deserves the best coverage you can provide....Good job so far.....I also have to agree with another poster who said that Black has to go....Is there another Cuthbert out there...????? The games that Rod does is a huge drop-off from Chris Cuthbert....I watch with embarassment (im a Wpg. lad myself) as he butchers a game with his inaccurate, repetitive, sometimes lack-lustre play calling....There has to be better....Message to're a great guy ...however stick to figure skating and charitable causes...cuz the football world has passed you by...Sorry my friend :thdn:...When tsn gets better, as far as -play-calling personalties go....they'll be making a huge improvement ,as far as this fans concerned.... :thup:

Rod Black definitely needs to go. Terrible play caller. I wouldn't mind if they sent Jock Climie back to broadcasting school. lol Generally, I don't mind him, but some times he comes out with some pretty stupid stuff. Perfect example is when he brought up the subject of teams possibly throwing games to get a better playoff spot, and Dave Randorf said, "You really want to discuss this on the air?" If he'd just take a second to think before speaking, he'd be fine.

Chris Schultz and Dave Randorf are my favourites on the panel. I wouldn't mind seeing Milt Stegal as more of a sideline reporter. I don't know if I'd like him on the panel.

....i like Milt on the panel...In fact all of the personalities on tsn panel are pretty good...I'd like to see more post-game analysis than they do....but i guess air time is at a premium and they have to cut-away as the programming demands.. :roll:

I'm absolutely FLOORED by the quality of this coverage. OUTSTANDING! A MAJOR thanks to TSN!

I have no trouble at all with any of the talking heads. I even like Dunigan. I don't see him as anything but a guy doing his best and being enthusiastic about it. He gives the CFL its due. I had to laugh when, I think it was Dunigan, said something like "so and so is the best (insert position) in football." That's something you often hear on US coverage, as if the NFL is the only league in existence. Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. It's nice to hear that used when talking about the CFL.

And I also love the guts and glory segments on past achievements. That's thrilling stuff.


Agreed, some of us and yours truly have knocked TSN for other CFL related problems, but not this week.
It has been fantastic.

Maybe TSN is finally figuring out who the big dog is.

i didnt mind black and ford on the v-cup today. maybe they should stick them on cis football or something. i enjoy hearing wich each high school the players came from. that was fun.

No , Black was awful again. Two or Three times he said, the team looks short on a 3rd and 1 play. When it was clearly a easy first down ! He tries to make everly play overly dramitic , even at the end of the game , he was trying to convince viewers that CGY could comeback. There was 30 sec left , Queens had the ball at the Dino's 3 the Dino's had no timeouts left and it was 1st down . Finally Ford blurted out " it's done "

I want to add my :thup: :thup: to TSN for their Grey Cup coverage. Coverage today starts 5 or 6 hours before game time. Can't wait!!!