Blow Horns?

Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase a blow horn?
I remember the TiCat Store selling black ones in the past but they no longer...

Or the best type of noise makers that people won't complain over other than our voices and hands......

I was looking at the online store earlier and they didnt have any noise makers...
I think it would be pretty cool if they had cowbells.

but to answer your question I have no clue where you can get those, I have one i bought from the cats a few years ago lol

Im not going to bring any, as i generally rely on my vocals to be LOUD! but, I was wondering what noise makers are NOT aloud! I know last year i tyred to go in with my Mega phone, and they wouldn’t let me bring it in! As well as a blow horn!

Well as for last home Game against Sask i was going to bring air horns marine horns whatever we refer to them as .

They are banned

But like others have said if uses respectfully on this game day you may still get the horn removed by security ..

Just to let you no i am bringing not one but 2 air horns and will use them on Big Defensive plays and All our Touchdown celebrations if they take my horn ....Well we will se what happens from that point ...
Unlike other i don't have the chance to yell with my good old voice box .. I had sever head injury in 2008 and that left me with head trauma and vocal cord paralysis is just one of the many many symptoms .

Rules are meant to be broken but respectfully ... Its not a regular Game its a playoff Game so hope the staff are behind the fan's a bit and allow some little things to pass that are ... Last weekend at the Winnipeg game i was hearing lot's of air horns we should be allowed for this big Moment at IWS ...

It is proven that Vocal cord illness and diseases of the vocal cords,are caused sometimes buy miss use of them yelling screaming so forth ...So be loud and proud and make SOME BIG NOISE anyway you can safely and respectfully ..

Go Cat's Go ....

Kenora ave Lawlor safety supply just north of Barton
These guys sell the Horn in stock and have a shelf full ....

Was the only place i could find one in East end of the Hammer .
I was told all safety supply stores will carry them ,hertz rental ,stores like that ..
Lawlor Safety

305 Kenora Avenue
Hamilton, ON L8E 2W3
(905) 573-3223

I think for a huge game like this they should let you bring in any kind of noise maker you can think of. I make enough noise with my voice but there are a ton of people around me that cant or just wont yell and we need everyone in the building to be as loud as they can on Sunday.