Bloody hard Grey Cup quiz

I only got 46%.
Give 'er a shot! :smiley:

I got 46% too and I agree there are a lot of difficult questions but there are also some mistakes. Two of the questions ask the exact same question but give different choices for a response except for one player. There was another question where it says a kicker had 19 points in a game and asks how many of those points were from field goals and then gives two choices of amounts over 19 points (25 or 35 were two options).

I got 60%, however not sure if it's my age being 55 or reading a lot of old articles; there were like Blue Blood said difficult Questions and I just guessed on those. Thus two/three Questions perhaps?; where I backed tracked and thought - are they asking the same thing? Tricky though.

test too long. ran out of patience half way through. I hate tests.

But I was doing good, I really was :slight_smile:

49% :lol:


65%, I did guess on a lot although I also knew quite a bit of them.

65%! :smiley:

the longest rush question?

Pat Woodcock that was a PASS not a Rush. so that one is wrong.


42% bah

61% and had to guess on some.

41% I suck, I didn't know 3/4's of that


But I guessed at a lot of them. Damn hard.


Some really tough questions. A number of questions that need to be reviewed (wording and answers).

Pants on fire,
Hanging on telephone wire.
I said that line to my Mom once and got the Wooden Spoon. Now get back there FootbalYouBet and take the Dare. :x

I got 52%, so not too bad for guessing... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

56%. I missed three I should have gotten. The ones I got wrong I pretty much guessed :expressionless:

after viewing your score, I'll refrain from posting mine. :frowning:

i scored a 51%. But im not gonna lie, i guessed a lot. i only knew maybe 25% of the answers. that was a lot of fun though. could make for a good trivia game on sunday, or just good conversation around the water cooler (tail gate meetings for me). especially the stolen grey cup type stuff

65% for me :slight_smile: