Blog vs forum trend

It seems to me that some are using this site as their own Blog where they can just spout half truths, complete fabrications down to outright lies.

There are distinct differences between a Blog and a Posting Forum as we know.
Conrgats to those who are trying to make these guys accountable. if you keep that up you will be soon on their ignore list. Horrors.

Any others who notice this trend towards Blogism? i don't think we have to use names. They are pretty obvious.

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Yes, and if you have the temerity to ask a poster if he has a source to backup his "facts", rather than providing same he'll respond with personal insults like calling you an a-hole.

But then the other blogger, well he just floods various threads with multiple posts, many of which aren't even coherent.

It appears that this trend is not offending many.

So, you won't name names, but seem more than content with having a thread/blog to talk about grips about others who must not be named ?

Fair enough. I didn't say names must not be named only I did not do so.

To be clear, I'm all for holding people/posters accountable, asking whether what they've written/said is opinion or fact, and if is believed a fact, then to provide some proof. That's a good debates and/or discussions tend to be had, at least in my experience. However, I'm not sure how making a thread to complain/mock posters for their posting style is the way to go. We are all supposed to be adults here.

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I have noticed you have tried to make posters accountable and I appreciate it.
Public posting need some attempt at truth whereas personal Blogs not so much so.
And I'm not mocking the style only saying that its prevalent now to have to fact check here a lot. If I go to a blog I never do that. Maybe my expectations are out of whack,

I tend to agree, although I think even blogs should have more truth to them. It's a slippery slope nowadays, as people tend to think that they have their "own truths".

Yeah but people go to blogs and expect to be drowned in one persons writings/thoughts/ obsessions unchecked. And the blogger can write anything he wants regardless of truth or sources . That seems to have spilled over here.

I've often said, the internet has given us a lot of great things, but Social Media or moreso how many tend to use social media isn't among them.

We're anonymous here as well, so there tends to be a lot of free range essentially. Some will take advantage of that, most don't thankfully.

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