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Those no good Bummers are at it again. It appears they are now impersonating Ti- Cats staff members on the comments section of Drew Edwards blog.


does it surprise anyone?

i'm surprised anyone from the bombers could figure out how to do that.

I agree with Drew, this is both funny and pathetic.

wow that is dumb and pathetic and somehow funny at the same time.

I'm impressed they finally got Internet access on the flat lands.

Joe Mack, please step away from the computer.

Oh boy, it's gunna be great fun laying the smackdown on the Bummers again this year.This time i'm not so sure i'll be sorry to see them finish dead last.

Makes you wonder how many online comments over the next 5 weeks from "ordinary Canadians" will actually be written by paid party operatives - or even over-zealous campaign volunteers. I suspect ... many.

That's been happening on radio talk shows for years.

Hey! What if all the bozos who call in to the Fifth Quarter after a loss are really bummer fans?

When did they re hire Mike Kelly ?

All the bozos that call into the fifth quarter after a loss are bumber fans!

"You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time".

As true way back when as it is today in the internet age.


Well, if was indeed a covert mission from out west, they weren't too smart in picking their victim because anyone who knows Scotty is well aware he's a stand-up guy and wouldn't be the least bit interested in cyber sniper shots at another team. It's not in his character as far as I know of him.

And conversely, I don't think Coach LaPolice or his coaching staff would have anything to do with this stuff.......but the office staff out there?..who knows ?

But I agree, it's funny stuff and harmless wars between teams is not necessarily a bad thing....... :lol: :lol:

BS, sooner or later, gets exposed for what it is.

The loser that did it rather than be remorseful is probably just frustrated that had he been a little smarter or a little less obvious he could have kept his little game going longer

Yea, you would know about that kind of stuff, wouldn't you? :lol: :lol:

1st Spy Gate CFL Now Blog Gat The Bombers just make me shake my head's all fun, relatively harmless stuff though and makes the CFL interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

To the schemer maybe until he's caught then, presumambly ,feels like an idiot, in addition to looking like one.

Not sure I'd agree with that. A member of one team's back office impersonating another team's communications director isn't exactly kosher. And depending on what was said (I never saw the post myself, so I don't know), could have caused some harm.

And diagramming plays at another team's practice is just plain wrong in any league, no matter what sport you're talking about. Of course, most leagues don't have open practices. Great for the fans, but it does leave teams open to this kind of abuse.