blocking my view

this is this first year that my season tickets are in the first row off the field, i love my seats the view of the game is great but i continually have people walking in front of me during plays. When i was at the Grey Cup in Ottawa they have event staff working which will stop people from going up and down stairs and along the front rows during a play, i wish they would do this in Hamilton. Anybody agree?

I totally agree with you. I am sitting in row 23 in the North Side. I have the big walk way infront of me. It would be so nice to prevent people from walking during the game. Keep the walking to the break times and tv time outs.

Right on! I think I mentioned this a couple years ago because here in Winnipeg, the security people prevent that from happening. I was most impressed. Two security persons stand at the top of each stairwell and ask people to move directly to their seats and/or theystop people from coming out of the stairwell until a stoppage in play.

Perhaps Bob the Caretaker can look into this or pass this suggestion along.

Sadly, speaking from experience, this is something that you'll have to get used to. You shouldn't have problems though if you're polite to the person who’s decided to park his/her posterior in front of your face.

I sit at the end of a row in section 26 leading up to the press box area you can imaging that traffic. As far as people walking in front of me. I always ask very nicely for them to have a seat on the step until the play is over. Exception made for the youngsters fleeing with Mom or dad to the restroom after their third coke

In section 25 our attendants are pretty good at moving people along who stand in front of us. Of course we have always done well with "Down in Front!" bellowed at the top of our $8 per beer drenched lungs.

But Hamilton fans are usually so polite...

At the recent Ti-cat-Argo pre-season game, I found the biggest offenders to be the hawkers, particularly the ones selling 50/50 draw tickets.
I also sit on the aisle in section 26 and I’d venture to say that my view of the field was blocked at least 30 times throughoyut the game. I think it would be a great idea to sell these tickets under the stands only.
I ALWAYS purchase mine on the way into the stadium before game time.
I realize that half of the proceeds go to charity, but fans could get used to the idea of buying their tickets ahead of time to leave these aisles open as much as possible during play.