blocked point after

I thought I heard a whistle before the blocked kick. They didn't show replay. Anyone else hear it

yeah i heard it too

me three. i thought they were going to re-do it. and then they didn’t.

Did you noticed that the Argos pilled and jumped on the backs of the lineman to block the kick, it should of been a penelty and kick over.And yes i heard the whistle too.

I agree

I heard a whistle but thought it was after the block.

My question is why would the play be blown dead when the ball can be advanced by either team after the block.

I couldn't see from the replay if the ball was recovered by anybody but definetly heard a whistle.

my mistake.
just watched it again. the whistle wasn't before the snap, it was right when the block happened.
i'm guessing the ref was just trigger-happy, not expecting the block.

Aside from whether there was a whistle
and if was blown, when was it blown.

Somebody on the O-line blew there assignment
and no team-mate covered for his mistake.

John Salavantis said on the radio broadcast that an unblocked Argo
whistled past the middle of the line to block Nick's convert attempt.

That rarely happens.

This is kind of off topic but....
How about when Adriano Belli grabed Cobb by the neck and threw to the ground?I thought there should have been a flag.

I rewatched the game this evening. I thought Setta's convert was low and that made it possible for the Argos to block the kick...

The Whistle was the cops and rogers security ejecting me from the stadium.

Kicked out for being a hardcore fan and having a good time.

That happened to me too!