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Why is it, when I block another member, their posts still show threads as being "unread"? The entire purpose of blocking/ignoring somebody is to eliminate that person from infecting your forum feeds. I literally have to click on the "blocked" post in order for the thread to be marked as "read" Something like this should be automatic, and on the previous versions (ALL of them - including the one this site evolved from) of this site, it worked in that manner.
Again, if you block someone on another platform (Facebook, Twitter, and the like) or any other forum that DOESN'T exist on this platform, you never see a byte from that person again. Why is this not happening on here? If I want to block a virulent anti-vaxer, a conspiracy-theorist, or a troll, the onus shouldn't be on me to have to go through the above actions.

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I agree with this point and though I don't have many blocked, I can't understand why such an easy and obvious feature used by other social media is not used in this software.

When you are blocking somebody, you want them GONE including notifications.

It cannot be difficult to facilitate this feature like on other forums, but hey at this point if it involves the root problem of any bad code that was not written to account for such an obvious preference, well then I understand why such a feature could not be added now.

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I just scroll past garney's the same as blocking.


Hopefully it doesn't come up often, I've found this to be a pretty respectable place



Yup. I haven't encountered any troll like behavior.

Fortunately they are few and far between, but lucky you.