Blocked field goal VS Riders

What happened? was it because somebody didn't pick up their man or did Epstein take too much time? Brutal.... That should of been the game right there or no.... we would've been in the lead if he hadn't missed the other 2.... Oh well, it didn't happen and that's all that matters. Anyways what matters is, is that another game has been lost because of the kicking..... its retarded. I thought we had a good game overall and so did the riders. 5 or 6 lead changes or something? but yeah.... very disapointing and something that just pisses me the hell off. I don't care if we play the Lions next, we're getting a win out of it. 2 losses in a row isn't too bad..... well it is but 3 makes you wonder.......

It was Mike Maurer man. I watched where Omar Morgan came from, and he went right past Mike Maurer untouched. It wasn't Hayden's fault. I dont think Hayden will be kicking next week though with Ed Hervey coming back. Or they'll have to take off another import. I don't know who.

Should Mike Maurer be cut Eskimo fans? That's two games he's costed us. If you recall the fumble against Toronto. We were at our own 25 or something like that and driving. Pathetic. Plus he gets injured every game.. whats the point of having him on the roster?

lmao that's brutal.... He's the one player I just hate on the esks... It just had to be him though eh??................................ I like that Jabari Issa dude... He had one HUGE stop on Kenton Keith for a loss of 2-3.

I guess one of the positives we can take away from our losses is that we haven't been blownout. We've kept every game close even when we're taking stupid penalties, turning the ball over and not having a running game. Just imagine what we could do if we had one and once the playoffs roll around, we have a really good chance to win. I know this team can beat the Lions and any other team in the league. We just have to eliminate a couple things that we're doing wrong.

Oh and by the way, we fumbled on Torontos 25 yardline and then they went on to score a 91yard td. I remember because the fumble happened about 60feet away from me and we had all the momentum........ thanks for reminding me eh lol...

You are right - this team is very good and it's just a few of those little things on one or two plays that have been killing them in each loss.

How many losses do the Esks have that were by less than a touchdown?

I think it's all of them, actually...

All of them. The most the Eskimos have lost by is 6 points.

@ MTL-3 pt loss
@ BC- 6 pt loss
vs TOR- 4 point loss
vs CGY- 5 point loss
@ SSK- 1 point loss

We've lost those 5 games by a combined total of 19 freaking points.

....tee hee, frustrating eh?!.........

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It was a great play by Morgan, but Epstein gets the ball off way too slow. I watced some of his kicks in previous games and if teams went after him there would be alot more blocks. He didn't punt this last game but he gets the ball off to slow on punting too. He was doing good up until this game, but he missed two before the block.

I honestly think that Haiden Epstein, and just him alone lost us this football game with misses oneasily makeable field goals 36, and 37 yards(i think).

Saskatchewan should not have won that game..
as far as I'm concerned, Edmonton won it..
I am changing all the standings and taking away that loss.
Edmonton Eskimos should only lose if the other team plays better than them, which is NEVER!!