...put that dude in more...nothing against Glenn because, man, he's in there all right, but that trick play on the field goal..hoohoo, like this: "ah, you know what Rene, I'm taking this up field, just run out there and cover the wide out", then saunter (did I spell that right?, saunter?) ah whatever, stroll, how's that, stroll like your spurs are lonely...'ka-ching ka-ching'...up to the line, and make that yardage...heh heh heh, then do that same facking play twice more...

...too bad we lost...shucks...good game tho

Saunter/stroll; you know it Red&White as I thought it was an ace play also [same play was called later that worked too]

...called it a year ago, BLM is the real deal...

That brings back a memory RedandWhite; backer@oldclarke bailed out and then resurfaced at taylorfield :cowboy:
Both Mitchell and Willy are the real deal I say.