BLM to the Argos

Didn’t see this coming.

I guess Bo didn’t see it coming either. So all we have got is Chris Rainey as a KR and back up RB?
Disappointed Popp didn’t go after Micah Johnson and Willie Jefferson with some big bucks. All we got so far on the DL is re-sign Davis and Cam Walker to go with Laing and Findley. I believe Gaydosh is also signed, but I read they may look at him on the O Line.
The D Line was weak last year and I don’t see any improvement so far.

Jim Popp made up for losing out on Mitchell in a big way after all. Signing Walker, Timmis, Sutton, Rainey, Johnson, Awe, Wild, Lemon, Fogg and Antigha and re-signed many hold overs. Good job.